Infographic | 10 Ways of Offering Better Customer Service

To build a successful business, whether it is hair styling or selling website templates, you need to know who your customers are and you need to offer good (if not excellent) customer service. They are the reason your business exists, after all.

How sure are you that you truly know your customers and what they expect from your business? Do you know them as well as they know your brand?

It can be challenging to answer these questions, since today’s consumers are more sophisticated and more educated (also more demanding) than they used to be in the past.

And with the advent of the internet, expect to hear from them if, for some reason, they’re not satisfied with your services.

Given these, how do you make sure that you are offering better customer service? Here are some things you can do.

Give good rather than fast service

Infographic | 10 Ways of Offering Better Customer ServiceFor customers, quality is better than quantity. Slow service is something that companies dread, however it can also be troublesome to serve fast but halfheartedly.

According to studies, customers are more likely to remember good service rather than fast but not so satisfactory services.

Some customers also don’t want to encounter rude, rushed, and incompetent servicing just for the sake of finishing the service. If you can, always take your time to give a good quality service that will please your customers.

Personalization is the key to a customer’s heart

Let your customers feel extra special. This is what customers are looking for, a special treatment when they are in your business area.

This can be in the form of complimentary candies or mint while they are sitting down and waiting for their food.

Remember their name

There’s something special about being remembered, and customers will definitely appreciate it if you show that you remember them.

If you are running a coffee shop, for example, calling the customers by name when you greet them or give them their coffee can help make them feel more welcomed.

Reward your customer’s loyalty

Reward your customer’s loyaltyThere is nothing better than giving back to your customers through the help of giving them upgrades, discounts, and other similar gestures without letting them know in advance.

This surprise will deliver your appreciation to the customer, telling them that they are valued and that the company has not forgotten them and the support that they give your company.

Give affordable gifts to customers

Creating goodwill with customers doesn’t have to be expensive. You can give affordable things such as cards and some small reminders that tell your customers that you remember them.

It is always about the act rather than the price of what you give.

Start a loyalty program

If you wish your customers to stay loyal, create a loyalty program. If customers know that their loyalty is valued then they also do the same thing to the company that has done this to them.

Good brand stories are well loved by customers

If the brand stories are interesting, there is a higher chance that the customer remembers the company. This is because the stories are a way to leave an impression on a customer’s mind.

If you’re creative enough to think of a story which can serve as a hook for customers, do so.

Get innovative ideas from your customers

Get innovative ideas from your customersIdeas for improvement can mostly be found through talking with the customers. This is because since they are at the receiving end of the service, they know what should be improved in order to make the service better.

Getting customer opinions are also a great way to show your customers that they are valued and that their opinions are also taken into consideration.

Make sure that your customer’s time is spent well

Customers don’t like it if they feel like they have wasted their time in a certain place. You have to make sure that they enjoy every moment that they were in your service.

If they had a good time, they would be back and would recommend your business to friends.

Money can make customers feel self-centered

According to research, when customers encounter images of money, they tend to be more self-centered and a little less likely to help other people. It is all about timing since there may be times where this does not go well as planned.

To help you remember these bits of wisdom, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic | 10 Ways of Offering Better Customer Service

It can always be tricky to guess what your customers want from you, but if you know what they need and you are able to deliver it then you are on the road to great customer service. Don’t be afraid to be open and ask customers what your business needs for improvement.

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