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Unique Ways to Promote a Business on Social Networks


After hours of researching, analysing and eventually creating original content to reach your marketing objectives, you’ve decided that there is no better place to promote your content than social media – where people spend up to 25% of their online time. More than 80 percent of marketers are already launching their content via social media. The question is whether they are effective enough. Let’s see what you can do to take your social media promotion to the next level.

Importance of headlines

If you are already writing great content, ask yourself if the titles are catchy enough to grab someone’s attention. You can either create better titles that will help your posts become more promotable, or create new titles for social media sharing. If you are posting your content multiple times, create multiple titles. Tools like BuzzSumo can help you research effective titles for the same type of content within one social network.

Social media automation

Platform-friendly customisation

Each social network offers unique and customisable posting features for sharing your content. These include the headline, images, and a description of the content. With every marketer and amateur competing for the user’s attention, the more optimised your post for a particular platform is, the more effective your social media can become. For example, a Facebook post needs an attention-grabbing headline, a clean and relevant image, and a short engaging description.

Right time to share

You wouldn’t believe how many marketers miss this very simple concept – the right time to share for maximum effect. If you want your content to reach as many people as possible, you have to know where the people are and, more importantly, when they are online and active. By knowing this, you can time your posting schedule for maximum engagement during the day. However, keep in mind that different platforms have different peak times. There are many infographics that tell you the best time to post on social media, but it all boils down to knowing how users behave on each network. Facebook Insights is a feature that can help you in this process for that particular platform.

Pick the right platform

It seems like new social media platforms are constantly emerging. With so many of them, it is hard to keep up. Just when you thought you have them all rounded up, several niche platforms appear. Having accounts on various sites can help you foster innovation and stay creative. Still, sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right platform for posting your content. There are several ways to motivate and engage audience like encouraging them to make money online. Different sites have different purposes and audiences, so it’s essential to get familiar with the major social media platforms for your target audience. Don’t just dump your content across all the channels, but focus on those where you have the highest chances of winning.   

Power of visuals

It goes without saying that tweets with images are more engaging. Facebook photos, for that matter, are more compelling than text posts. There are three social networks that are based entirely on images – Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Why not exploit this power of the visual when you are promoting your content? However, the problem with images is that, unless you have your own, you have to make sure that the ones you found online are royalty-free and free to download. Aside from a branded featured image in the post you shared, you need separate images for each of the main points in your content.

Post multiple times

An average social media user probably won’t see all of your posts. By posting multiple times, you make sure that your audience has a chance to see your content. Don’t be afraid to use multiple images and multiple headlines for your content. Using this strategy you will engage your followers without them even noticing you are reposting the same content.


There is a rule that says that you can have one in seven posts overtly promoting your business. The remaining six should share valuable content like know-hows, unbiased product reviews, ranking lists, and community posts. You can still promote your business in those other posts, just make sure you couple it with great content.

Now more than ever, small business owners are facing challenges when it comes to using social media to engage and promote. Remember that the online community has little understanding for promoters who only view social networks as free advertising tools.


Guest Post By:

Lauren Wiseman: marketing specialist, contributor to  and entrepreneur. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in fast-changing and demanding market, strongly believing in a holistic approach to business.