Web designers believe that paying close attention and using trending designs is critical to their success. In fact, they believe that the design they choose defines the websites they are working on.

Keep in mind, though, that every year, new designs might trend. Old ones might evolve, with some even taking root and completely changing the way we perceive websites.

If you need more ideas for your websites, take a look at the top web design trends this year that have given websites a serious facelift.

Open Composition Web Design Trend

Infographic: 7 Top Web Design Trends in 2017For a long time, a closed composition style has been popular among web designers whereby they keep all elements in a website within definitive boundaries.

However, that is changing as open composition increases in popularity.

It gives an impression that the website or the images themselves are advancing beyond the screen, helping visitors to engage with the website in a more imaginative way.


If you want your website to look more balanced and attractive, you can go for symmetrical designs. However, asymmetry can also be dramatic and it acts like a good starting point.

While it is possible to reconfigure these designs to make them symmetrical, web designers are opting to leave them that way. In the end, asymmetrical designs produce richly exemplified designs perfect for the homepage text.

Richer Background and Patterns

Large Typography as Part of the Key VisualMany websites are adopting richer backgrounds and patterns as a way of increasing depth to the website.

A rich background is effective in guiding the user’s eye and stress on the importance of the key element.

Most web designers are using rich background colors and patterns to capture the attention of the visitors.

Large Typography as Part of the Key Visual

In addition to the strong imagery, web designers are also including typography as an integral part of website designing.

Typography is one of the visual ways that designers are using to capture the attention of visitors. They are also using it to direct visitors to certain desired messages within the site.

The most common typography features include font selection, typographic size hierarchy, weight hierarchy, and the right measurement. Typography is playing a significant role in producing consistency as well as integrating the brand messaging with the website.

Additional Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)

More web designers are using scalable vector graphics since they can easily be scaled to any size. They look outstanding no matter how big or small they are.

Additionally, they can be exported from any SVG editor, too, making them an excellent choice for creating responsive layouts.

Bright Colors

Bright ColorsColors affect us; it has a role in swaying our attitudes and emotions. Web designers in 2017 acknowledge this fact and they are using colors to attract users.

For instance, they are using brighter colors to break the ambiguity of flat designs that were quite common a few years back. By matching the brand colors with the website, designers are managing to increase brand recognition, hence, potentially increase conversion rate leading to more sales.

To achieve this, however, web designers are considering factors such as the brand they are selling, who the target audience is, and the right time to introduce a certain color.

Animation is Trending in Web Design

Another trending web designing option is the use of animation. Web designers have a found a way to integrate animation into their websites as a way of capturing the attention of online visitors.

When used for this purpose, animation serves to give notification messages to users, give a smooth transition to new pages, and give a feedback alert that a command has been initiated.

In other cases, they are also used as a teaching mechanism whereby a user moves the cursor above the animation to get guidelines.

Take a look at the infographic below summarizing all these points.

Infographic | 7 Top Web Design Trends in 2017

The above trends focus more on giving interactive and engaging designs that increase conversion rates. Additionally, they are presented in such a way that do not compromise the usability of the website.

To be successful in selling your website, you do not need to be an expert in all the above trends but rather be excellent in the one you choose.

The best thing you can do is to combine two or more trends within your site. With web design constantly changing, it is important that you acquaint yourself with these trending designs.

Some of these web design trends will fade away as the year progresses but others are likely to push on to the next year and beyond. The secret is to ensure that the design you choose is attracting visitors, relaying the desired message, helping maintain your brand name, and resulting in high conversion rates.

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