5 Indispensable Tools When You’re Running A Small Business From Home

Managing a home-based business is now a simple task, thanks to technological innovations that enable a sitebuilder or small business owner like you to work remotely.

Apart from saving time and money, tech tools can be used to find more customers and streamline business operations.

5 Indispensable Tools When You’re Running A Small Business From HomeHowever, you do need to start by choosing the right tools. Although there are many options out there, it is unlikely that they will all meet your expectations.

A lot of them are not even close to what you need. Some of the features of the best tools include using the latest technology, being easily customizable to meet the needs of your business, having the ability to improve customer service and support, and being easy to use on the go.

The following are the top five tools that you can use to manage your small business at home.

1. Google Docs

One of the biggest advantages of using Google Docs is the ability to share every file with your customers and partners. Instead of supplying everyone with a document, you only need to upload it to the drive and everyone will have access to it.

However, you need to determine who can access the files by adding their email addresses. This is especially helpful if you have staff members working from various locations.

For instance, if you work from home and your assistants work from their homes too, you do not have to keep sending them files that can be shared through the cloud.

2. Skype

SkypeThe instant messaging and video call options are what make Skype a must-have tool for every home-based business.

If you have been in this business for long, you know how important communication is. In a flash, you may lose a customer if they notice that you do not have time to attend to them fast enough.

The fact that Skype is free means that you will also be saving a lot. Talk to your customers from anywhere and solve their problems even on the go.

3. Email and phone

When your customers place orders through your website or other platforms, you will be directing them to an email that you have associated with your business. For follow up, most of them will be calling you.

This means that you need to have a reliable email account and a phone. If they call and find that you are unavailable, they will be more likely to move to another supplier. With mobile phones, you do not have to stick to one place just because you want to respond to phone calls. You can do that pretty easily on the go nowadays.

4. Yammer

YammerWhen you cannot respond to phone calls because of various circumstances, Yammer will do the work for you. This one works as a private Twitter platform.

You can post your updates and your team will know when you are available to work on various orders and tasks. It also works in the background on your computer meaning that you do not have to interrupt your work to check anything.

All you get is a notification when there is something that needs your attention. Although it is a paid service, Yammer is definitely worth the price tag.

5. GoToMeeting

This one is suitable for home business owners who have a larger base of customers to handle. These customers may not be able to reach you all at once through Skype or phone. Since you do not want to keep them waiting for too long, you can use this tool to meet all their needs.

As you will find out, you can serve them just the same way you would do in physical conference with this tool. The only difference is that you will be doing this from your home and every customer will be anywhere they want to be.

Indeed, running a small business from home should not be a difficult task when you have the right tools. You may want to start by analyzing your operations to understand the tools that are most suitable for you.

Think about the number of team members that you want to connect to and the customers that you will be attending to every day. It is all about finding the solutions that best suit you as a sitebuilder or any other small business owner.

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