5 Best Tips For Improving Your Email Click-Through Rate

One of the most effective digital strategies used by big and small business owners is email marketing. Some people think that email is dead; however, top marketers in the industry have said otherwise.

They continue to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in income through their responsive website, proving that email is still the top drawer for online entrepreneurs.

Apart from ensuring that the recipients of your emails open and read them, you should also focus on enticing them to click on the links contained therein.

It is not enough for people to read emails and discard them. Since you want them to know about the products you are marketing and buy them, you have to structure the mails so that the links will be irresistible.5 Best Tips For Improving Your Email Click-Through Rate

Although some marketers find this to be a difficult task, there are simple ways to do it. To be sure of a good email click-through rate, a marketing email should contain the following.

  • A clear message showing what you want to achieve
  • It should be customized to the recipient and the intended purpose
  • It should be precise and easy to understand
  • It should have a call-to-action directing the reader on what to do

Whether you are an experienced or a starting digital marketer, you have to focus on various factors when drafting these emails. Here are some of the most important things to consider.

1. Be consistent in branding

Since most of the people on your mailing list have been to your website, you need to ensure that the branding is consistent. They need to find a connection between the mails and the information that they find on the site.

To achieve this, you may want to use the same voice and tone as that on your site. It also may be useful if you use the same colors in your mails as the ones you use on the website. This will make them appear as if they have been sent directly from that site.

Including your logo somewhere in the mails can also increase the click through rate.

2. Maintain the same layout

Maintain the same layoutIt is important to identify the best way of presenting your messages and then stick to it for the rest of the campaign.

You may want to twist a few small things such as the call-to-action depending on the uniqueness of the new email.

However, make sure that your customers will always identify your mails based on the layout that they are used to.

For example, you may want to use a single column layout for mails with one call-to-action and a double column for those with more.

3. Add images to the emails

Appealing to the visual senses of your readers is one of the best ways to entice them to click on your links. Find a nice image and place it somewhere in the mail. It will help to break the monotony of the text and make the email easy to read.

By doing this, you make them want to read every part of the text and want to know even more. Therefore, they find themselves clicking on links just to keep following the message. Before long, they will be regular visitors to your website and regular customers too.

4. Use effective call-to-action buttons

Use effective call-to-action buttonsStudies show that most readers are hardwired to click on buttons. You therefore should use call-to-action buttons of all kinds in your emails.

For the best results, you may want to include a few text links to reinforce buttons. This will take care of the few who prefer to use such links.

However, with buttons, you are sure of a higher email click-through rate.

The best part is that there are many types of buttons that you can use depending on what is appealing to your readers.

5. Use social media share buttons

Making your emails shareable on the major social media platforms can also increase the click-through rate. Even if the reader does not find it necessary to click on your links, they will share and their friends may click through.

This is the perfect way of reaching out to those potential customers who are not on your mailing list. Before you even notice it, the message will be read far and wide and the response will be overwhelming.

Clearly, the email click-through rate of any digital marketing campaign can be boosted with ease. It also is important to focus on the message and delivering on your promises. If people click on your links and do not find what they expect on your responsive website, you can be sure that they will never click on them again no matter how hard you try to convince them.

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