Infographic | How Much Time Do Small Businesses Spend On Social Media?

Small business owners know that nowadays, having social media presence is a must. Yes, they must have a responsive website, but since Facebook and Twitter usage are increasing worldwide, they must use these too, or risk missing out on a lot of potential customers.

That said, how much time businesses, specifically small businesses, are spending on their social media? And which social media platforms are they focusing on?

According to the following infographic, almost 50% of small businesses spend 6 hours or more per week on Facebook (90% of businesses have a Facebook page) and Twitter (70%).

Here are more details.

time on social media

These days, having a responsive website is no longer enough. Small businesses need to keep up with the times and get in touch with and engage their potential customers through social media.

Are you spending enough time on these platforms? Make a change to your marketing strategies now!

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