5 Technological Trends To Look Out For In The Coming Years

As technological trends continue to change, we should expect technologies that would significantly impact our lives in the coming years. We have already seen the popularity of Virtual Reality, for example, which is widely used all over the world.

Website templates are also now being designed by artificial intelligence (AI), as can be seen in Bookmark and other content management systems.

Gone are the days when startup companies used to rely on excessive funding to stay afloat during their first few months. Thanks to technological trends, small businesses can rely on AI to automate its processes which improve efficiency while reducing business costs.

However, self-driving cars which are expected to be the next big thing in the coming years has not quite taken off yet. The concept has already been tested in various developed countries with mixed results.

5 Technological Trends

The big question is whether we are ready for the next phase of technological trends that will significantly impact our daily lives.

Here are some of these innovations that are expected to improve on current technology.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality saw a significant growth in popularity last year, but it did not quite impact our lives as most people expected.

So far, Virtual Reality has already been adopted in industries like education, communication, sports, design, entertainment, and healthcare, among others.

Last year, we also saw the gaming industry adopt VR technology with Sony launching Play Station VR that gave fans an idea of what to expect in the coming years. Other companies which have already released their own VR headsets include HTC and Oculus.

One of the reasons why VR has not been widely used is because of the price of acquiring Virtual Reality headsets. Also, VR is seen more as a recreational and gaming headset with 360-degree videos. Despite this, we expect to see VR having a big impact on communication, healthcare, and education in the coming years.

2. Augmented Reality

There is no doubt that Augmented Reality gained popularity after the launch of the successful mobile game Pokemon Go. Just like the name suggests, AR superimposes real world images with computer-generated information like video, GPS, or sound.

Pokemon Go superimposes an environment that is computer-generated with the real environment. It has some similarities to Virtual Reality like the ability to change our perception of the real world but there are some differences, too. While VR puts a user in a different world, AR adds some graphics to the real world rather than transposing users.

This year, startups in the technological industries have embraced Augmented Reality to help enhance sensory experiences like smell and touch. The company behind this technological innovation is Immersion, which has already introduced the Touch Sense Force.

AR has also been used in cyclists’ helmets to offer them a 360-degree view of the field to alert them to potential dangers from overtaking cars. Augmented Reality will offer users easy access to services which they depend on every day. We could see people use AR, for example, to know the fastest route to work if there is heavy traffic ahead.

3. Artificial Intelligence is a Technological Trend

Technological Trends -- Artificial IntelligenceWhether you know it or not, it is likely you are using Artificial Intelligence at work or at home.

Today, we have apps which can help you switch off lights by just tapping the screen of your smartphone. It is AI.

However, that is not all that artificial intelligence has to offer. Although not common, thanks to AI, we now have self-driving cars. Artificial Intelligence has been successfully used to automate processes in companies which has resulted in increased output and reduced costs of production.

At the moment, 38 percent of businesses are using AI according to a research done by Narrative Science. It is expected that figure will rise to 62 percent come 2018. As an example, businesses are already using Chatbot to handle thousands of customer queries every day.

This AI has improved customer service resulting in customer satisfaction and more sales. In the coming years, expect AI to have a significant impact on our lives with self-driving cars becoming popular on our roads.

Another application of Artificial Intelligence on business is the design of website templates. The Bookmark Website Builder, for example, recently launched AIDA — the Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant that makes all the hard decisions when it comes to making websites.

All you have to do is sign up, choose your industry, and then wait until AIDA finishes creating a professional looking website that you can then customize and fill with content.

4. Internet of Things

Internet of Things is expected to have a big impact on businesses starting this year and beyond. This concept involves the connection of devices and machines that we use on a daily basis to the internet.

This interconnectivity allows robots to solve complex problems with little to no human input. Last year was a big year for Internet of Things, but 2017 should be the year when it has a disruptive effect on industries adopting the technology. Most of the disruptive trends witnessed with IoT comes from the manufacturing companies which are using Industry 4.0.

So far , businesses which have adopted IoT have enjoyed improved quality, productivity, and growth while cutting down on business costs. With technology expected to improve even further, you could be able to control anything from your TV set to coffee machine even when you are miles away.

5. Self-driving cars

Self-driving carsDriverless cars have generated a lot of buzz and attention from the media and the public alike.

This year, we could start to see self-driving cars which transport you from your home to your office without controlling the steering wheel.

It utilizes adaptive cruise control which helps the car to maintain a reasonable distance with the car in front while the lane assist helps the self-driving car to stay in its lane.

Expect car manufacturers like Chrysler, Nissan, and BMW to lead the way in self-driving cars this year. However, regulations and lack of technology could slow down the adoption of these driverless cars until the coming years.

This is because of growing concerns about whether or not self-driving cars are safe to drive on busy roads. So far, we have seen accidents with Uber’s self-driving car and Tesla.

These driverless cars, AI-designed website templates, Virtual and Augmented Realities, and other technological trends are here to stay. Whether you’ll be ready for them or not will determine your success as a small business owner. Learn about them so you can find it easier to ride the technological trends of the future.

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