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Reach New Customers with Global Website Translations

This week we’re discussing how to reach a global audience by adding language translations to your website. Looking at it worldwide, about 1.35 billion people speak English as their first language, so of course, many websites and companies have it as their first language as well. But there are billions of more opportunities to be

Online Business StrategiesWeb Design Tips and Tricks

Key Website Analytics Tools to Enhance Your Business

Analytics are incredibly insightful tools available for you to improve your business by attracting new customers, improving your website experience, learning more about your customers, and so much more. At Bookmark, all of your analytics can be available for you to study and bring your website and business to the next level.  What is Website

Online Business Marketing TipsOnline Business StrategiesWeb Design Tips and Tricks

Why Do All Businesses Need A Website?

With over 40,000 searches on Google every second, which converts to 3.5 billion searches every day, your small business absolutely must have a website presence. Regardless of the industry sector that you operate within, your customers are more than likely searching for services like yours on the Internet. Did you know? 63% of shopping occasions

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Spruce Up Your Website With Holiday Cheer

Are you feeling less holiday cheer this year? It’s okay, a lot of us are. 2020 has been a wreck and taken a toll on a lot of people’s mental health. Now that the weather is colder people are stuck inside and looking to find happiness wherever it can be found. Stress shopping and gift