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Effective eCommerce Strategies: Work Smarter, Not Harder

As business owners and startup founders, we can easily get worked up in all of the stress and excitement that is happening with our brand. Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life and knowing when to take time off for ourselves is crucial to avoiding burnout and helping maintain the same level of focus

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Scarcity Marketing: Your New Small Business Secret

Have you ever purchased something on an impulse simply because of an ‘only two remaining’ message? Or because that 60% off expires in just a few hours? The majority of us have. And it’s not always because we needed or wanted the item. So, why? People always want what they can’t have. It’s human nature.

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Six Key Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales

We all understand that setting up a website is crucial for any business in 2021. However, if you want to generate sales, setting up a website is sadly not enough. Running your own ecommerce site is quite challenging when first starting. The entire point of an ecommerce store is to make sales and boost revenue.