Infographic | Do Social Calls to Action Work?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are some strategies that are tried and tested to work better than others.

If you want readers to take a specific action after reading your content, for example, you always have to ASK them directly to take that action. There is no room for modesty or subtlety; in online marketing, being direct works.

This Call to Action (CTA) may vary; in lead pages, you might ask them to drop their emails. In blog posts, you might ask them to comment. And in social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, you could ask them to share or retweet.

Does putting in a Call to Action in social posts work?

Infographics | Does Social Calls to Action Work?

Marketing guru Dan Zarella from HubSpot says they do. He conducted a study into social calls to action (sCTA) recently and concluded that including CTAs into posts via social networks lead to higher action rates by followers.

On blogs, for example, Zarella examined more than 50,000 blog posts and found three sCTAs that work: “comment,” “link,” and “share.” Whenever any of these words are included, the posts tend to get more comments, views, and links than those that did not.

Social calls to action work on Twitter, too. Tweets with either “Please retweet” and “Please RT” tend to have more retweets than those that did not. Other calls to action also include “Please help,” “Spread,” and “Visit.”

On Facebook, the top 10,000 most-liked Facebook pages contained the words “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share.” As with the blogs and Twitter, posts with any of these calls to action got more engagement than others.

To get more information about Zarella’s findings, take a look at the infographics below.

Does Social Calls to Action Work

As a marketer and small business owner, knowing this strategy is invaluable in making your marketing efforts more effective. Learn how to use social calls to action today!

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