3 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Productivity

For many individuals, productivity is setting many goals, burning the midnight oil, and accomplishing as many tasks as they can. This, however, is not productivity. Start with improving your productivity today.

Productivity is the ability to accomplish the most important tasks (e.g., completing a client’s web design) in a well-organized manner within a scheduled time frame. It does not matter whether you opt for one or two tasks a day; what counts is the ability to accomplish them successfully.

There are many scholarly articles and research papers that have been published on productivity. In nearly all of them, there is one common conclusion: there are certain tasks that productive people do. They also share a lot of similarities, ranging from their lifestyle, how they go about doing the tasks, and how they respond to emergencies, among others.

In particular, there are three tasks that productive people share. These are key aspects that employers, workers, or entrepreneurs can use to ensure success in their business.

1. Productive people plan for all activities/events/tasks

Rather than just doing what you want, you should list the things you need to accomplish at least one day earlier. It is an important aspect of time management. With a workable plan, you will:

  • Know what is important.Productive People: 3 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Productivity
  • Make a priority list.
  • Schedule a time frame for all activities

According to Laura Stack, the author of The Six Keys to Perform at Your Productive Best, knowing all your priorities and protecting them is important. With this, you will get the right things done according to your plans.

Remember, it is these priorities that determine whether you will achieve your goals or not. It is one key area the most productive people give much attention.

During this stage, most people tend to have a long to-do list.

You need to cut the to-do list by half. This will leave you with a few tasks to handle successfully within your working day.

It makes no sense to have more 15 tasks in this list. Remember, productivity does not imply that you finish all tasks within a single working day. It is to finish the most important tasks that you have prioritized beforehand.

As you make this list, it is important to evaluate each task. This should be based on the attention it requires or its complexity. For example, you should schedule the most challenging tasks in the morning. This is because your brain will be fresh during this time.

2. Have the right tools or equipment for the work (and knowing where to get them)

Have the right tools or equipment for the workWhenever you are planning to do any task, it is important to get all the right tools and equipment. What does this imply?

First, if you will be involved in some activities such as designing a website, supervising workers, or making a new home — i.e., some technical tasks that you need to do — you will require the right equipment to do the work.

Having all the tools you need at hand will help you to focus on the work, saving you the time (and excuse) to put off doing the task because you need to find the right tools.

You should also prepare yourself psychologically to handle the tasks. You are not a superhero, so you should not aim to do everything. Instead, focus on the basic things that will help you improve the situation. You could play music in the background to provide a relaxing environment or take a short break whenever you feel tired.

3. Have laser-like focus to Improve Your Productivity

Having focus does not imply that you must work, work, and work until the task is complete. Do not confuse laser-like focus with overworking. Whenever possible, you should take a break to relieve your brain or body from fatigue. Resting when you’re tired refreshes you and makes you all the more efficient.

Have laser-like focus to finish the workA laser-like focus just means hat you should avoid all possible distractions. In this era of technology and the internet, this may be the most difficult aspect of working.

Turn off your social media notifications, mute your phone, and make sure that people around you know you’re working and shouldn’t be disturbed.

Also, do not multitask. You cannot do 5 or 10 things at a time successfully. Focus on one task at a time. The idea that you can juggle between tasks is a waste of time and energy. Research published on Productivity Theory even indicates that multitasking can lower one’s IQ!

The most productive people you admire do simple things to achieve their goals. This is something you can easily emulate to improve your productivity. By doing what productive people do, you are sure to improve your productivity, whether it is in finishing a web design or doing some other tasks related to the success of your small business. Improve Your Productivity!

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