Infographic | 50 Rules Of Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it pays to use a variety of strategies. There are traditional ways of advertising, such as print media, billboards, and TV clips, among others.

In this digital world, however, where a good web design is a must, online marketing holds sway for a number of reasons, expanded reach being one of them. There’s social media marketing and email marketing to name a couple of strategies.

If you want your marketing efforts to give a good return on investment, it pays to follow certain rules. Email marketing, for instance, has a few, including sending emails only that people want to receive and making sure that your emails have value, among others.

The following are 50 of the many rules you should know about email marketing.

Infographic | 50 Rules Of Email Marketing

Keep these rules in mind when you use email marketing. Together with a good web design and a useful product, you will soon see your sales soar.

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