Why Include Podcasting In Your Content Marketing Plan

Because of changing times, small business owners have chosen to use the latest technology innovations (e.g., a responsive web design, social media presence) to reach a wider audience. Podcasting is one of the latest trends that are fast becoming popular. Using podcasting in your content marketing plan is something that should be considered.

A podcast is a simple audio file that can be accessed and downloaded online. Users can also sign up for a specific podcast so they can receive notifications when there is a new audio.

Why Include Podcasting In Your Content Marketing StrategiesThe following are just some of the reasons a small business cannot do without a podcast.

  • It is trending, and you will miss out on lots of potential customers if you avoid it.
  • It is easy to do, and will take little time to set up.
  • You can always change your messages because audios require less work than videos.
  • It offers an alternative to the many other content marketing methods that have been around for so long.

Studies show that almost every new online business uses a podcast at one point during the initial stages. However, it is important to note that not all of them do it right.

The timing, and the design of the audios, should be perfect. In addition, you should also know the audience for which they are meant. If done right, this technique can help you realize the following benefits.

There will be an increase in traffic

Creating a podcast means that you are creating familiarity with a wide range of audiences. Initially, you may be creating it for a specific group. However, you have almost no control of where these messages go.

You may be surprised to find your audios in online forums that you never knew existed. That is how you start attracting customers from the most unfamiliar territories.

If you talk to anyone who has been using this technique, they will tell you that the best part is when the audios go viral.

You will build effective business relations with people

You will build effective business relations with peopleMost critics argue that a podcast is a medium that is mostly one-sided. However, a small business can also use it to effectively build business relations.

Whether the listeners are your customers, or potential partners, you can use this medium to get to them.

At some point, the listeners will get the feeling that they know the person speaking to them. It is this ability to trigger emotions that will make them your most valuable customers.

Recent surveys showed that one of the reasons why people listen to a podcast is because they believe that they share something in common with the narrator.

This medium is highly engaging

There is no doubt that the overload of information being experienced on the internet is having a negative effect on small businesses. It may not be easy for you to get your content to the right audience when the competition is obviously beyond your control.

However, you can do it if you get an alternative way of getting in touch; that is, through a podcast.

Instead of reading content over and over again, people will be more interested in audio files that solve their problems. It is a kind of break from the monotony and will always work magic as long as you do it right.

Podcasting improves your public speaking skills

Podcasting improves your public speaking skillsWhen making podcasts, you may only be thinking about the listener who is supposed to become your customer. However, it also helps you and your company when it comes to public communication and relations.

Even though you are an online entrepreneur, there are times when you will have to speak in public.

Soon, your business will be big enough to be featured on television or in a local conference. This means that you need to practice your public speaking skills too.

By regularly hosting podcasts, you will develop confidence when speaking in public. In fact, the audience will already know what to expect from you since they have already been listening to your audios.

Podcasting is already popular, and there is no doubt that it will remain so for many years to come. The only thing that you need to do (aside from having a responsive web design) to stay ahead of the pack is to tailor your podcasts according to the need of your audience.

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