Infographic | Personal VS. Professional Use Of Social Media

ebsitePeople use different social networks for different reasons. Some use it for business, others merely for personal reasons, primarily to keep in touch with friends or make new ones.

What’s the difference between personal and professional social media use? According to a report on LinkedIn, the difference is primarily in purpose and mindset.

They interviewed over 6,000 social media users in 12 countries and learned some insights as to how and why they use social media.

People who use social networks for personal reasons, for example, are just there to “spend time.” They socialize, look for entertainment, and generally kill time. They watch cat videos, funny short films, and read articles and blog posts. They are three times as likely to use personal networks for entertainment.

On the other hand, people who use social media for professional reasons are there to “invest time.” They are 3 times as likely to keep up to date with their career and use these networks to get “Updates from Brands.”

One surprising finding is that it’s not only in personal networks that users can be driven with passion and emotion. Even in professional networks, they can be moved to action, specifically when the marketing message has something to do with ambition, security, achievement, progress, and happiness.

Indeed, it’s great to know that marketers can use emotional appeals not only in personal networks, but in professional ones, as well.

Here are the results, summarized in an infographic.

Infographic | Personal vs. Professional Use of Social Media

With these findings, it will be easier for marketers and small business owners to tailor their messages on social media to capture the attention of their target market. Once they know how their potential customers use social networks, they will be able to effectively engage audiences on their target platform.

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