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How You Can Leverage Social Commerce

Social commerce is incredibly important and super straightforward. It’s when brands sell their goods or services on social media instead of relying solely on their stand-alone ecommerce sites. Social commerce also includes when someone clicks a link from social media that brings them to your ecommerce site. The reason it’s so important to leverage social

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Six Ways to Reduce Churn in Your Online Business

Churn. The big bad wolf that every business is afraid of. Sometimes referred to as customer turnover, it’s often found in companies that offer subscription services, however it is far from being exclusive just to them. Churn is when a customer starts using a business’s product or service, and for one reason or another, stops

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Stress and Startups: Staying Mindful as a Small Business Owner

When you’re a small business owner, there’s a fine line to balance between working hard and working too hard. Despite startup owners typically being smart, driven, passionate and hard working people, they are just as vulnerable as anyone to stress, anxiety and self doubt. Unfortunately in many cases, stress and startups go hand in hand. There

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Customer Satisfaction: Leveraging Your Audience to Grow Your Business

There’s one thing that every single business should have in common when it comes to pursuing their goals – and that’s achieving high customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, simply put, is the level of happiness your customers have with your business’s products, services, values, capabilities and communication skills. We all know how the saying goes, no

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Brand Loyalty 101: Turning Customers Into a Lifelong Community

We all have that one brand that successfully has, in a way, stolen our hearts. Brand loyalty is when a customer chooses your product/company over any of your competition, every single time. It’s when customers don’t need to be marketed or persuaded to make the purchase; they will always choose a certain brand regardless of

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8 Tips to Make Working From Home Work For You

It’s been a year since we started working from home, and many lockdowns are still in place across the world. By now, we all know that everyone has their own unique household dynamic, which is why working from home has affected everyone differently. For some, it’s an easy transition. They already had home offices, the proper tech

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SMS Marketing: Texting Your Way To Success

SMS marketing, or text message marketing for those born in this millennium, is something that has been around for a long time now. However, it wasn’t until recently that it surged in popularity, and in it’s success rate. Did you know that the average American looks at their phone 96 times per day? If you’re

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A Beginners Guide to Launching a Website

At Bookmark, we make launching your website as simple and accessible as possible. Our website builder and platform is designed so that anybody can use it to get online, regardless of your design of coding skills. So, theoretically, you could just jump right into building a website if you wanted. However, we highly recommend that

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6 Ways to Avoid Burnout as a Business Owner

Avoiding burnout is crucial for your success in business and in life. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, there’s a certain point where too much of it all the time will lead to burnout. Burnout is a state of exhaustion caused by prolonged stress; it can manifest emotionally, physically or mentally. Burnout

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Customer Retention Strategies 2.0: Keep Customers Coming Back in 2021

Making new sales is great for any business owner. But a one and done shopper won’t help your long term success. The key to your business withstanding the test of time is customer retention. The best of the best, like Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola are all focused on getting customers to purchase their products multiple