5 Online Tools to Create Great-Looking Infographics and Charts

When creating content for your websites, marketing campaigns, and emails, you need to rely on more than just plain text. People do not want to keep reading long text blocks — whether they provide a lot of information or not — and will probably skip those when they see it.

So what do you do? You follow the principles of good web design. Break up long texts with photos and other kinds of images. Make sure there’s white space. Remove any unnecessary elements.

The idea is to make the page look pleasing to eye, and to draw the readers’ attention down to the most important part of the web page: your message.

This is the reason why you need to create infographics and charts. You can bring everything and put all your messages in one presentation using a well laid out infographic.

Infographics provide one of the most effective mediums to pass information to your customers; they look nice, they grab your customers’ attention, and yet they are also informative.

5 Online Tools to Create Great-Looking Infographics and Charts Can anyone just create infographics or charts? Sure. It’s not rocket science. However, making infographics does need a bit of an effort. Aside from a little interest for design (and maybe skills, too), you also need to start by finding the right tools for this job.

If you search online, you will notice that there are a number of tools that you can use either offline or online in order to create infographics, charts, and other kinds of visual designs. When choosing from these many options, keep in mind the following.

  • What type of infographics can you create using the tool?
  • How easy is it to use, given your skills and experience level?
  • Do you have to download it, or can you use it both online and offline?
  • Is it for free, or do you have to pay to use it or for some of its elements (like photos)?
  • What is the quality of infographics or charts that you can create from the tool?

Various vector applications are required to create the perfect infographic for your marketing campaigns. When it comes to choosing the right ones, it can indeed be a big challenge sometimes.

This is especially more so if it is the first time you are attempting to create infographics or charts. To reduce your choices and make your life easier, we have culled through the long list of web design tools to come up with the following top five. You can use any of these online tools in creating great-looking infographics and charts.


Of all the free online tools you can use to create infographics and charts, the best by far is Canva.

CanvaWhether you want to create infographics for social media, for work, or for personal use, Canva provides you with a lot of options to achieve your creative goals. It is ridiculously easy to use, too, even for first-timers.

When you choose a specific project to work on, you will get a new template to work with. You can enjoy predesigned options such as dimensions so that you can focus your energies on designing the most suitable infographics.

Canva has background images you can purchase, too, at only $1 or so each. Don’t want to spend anything? You can use the free images they provide, or upload your own photos.


You can make interactive presentations using Visme. Its ability to perform various tasks is what puts it ahead of the pack.

There are, for example, tons of templates that you can easily pick from and customize. All that is required from you is to upload pictures and texts to the relevant fields.

If you want to publish something quickly, you can choose one of the simple and beautiful templates, change a few details, customize the text, and publish it in just a few minutes. This is the reason some publishers call Visme the “savior” when it comes to timeliness and ease of use.


PiktochartYou do not need anyone to teach you how to go about using Piktochart because all the information you need is provided in their guide.

Even if you are a total novice, you can be sure that you will enjoy one of the easiest experiences in graphic web design when using this tool.

Piktochart offers a lot of freedom in building charts, so you can use that opportunity to come up with custom infographics. The icons are categorized and you can always resize your charts based on what suits your website the most.

High-quality themes in Piktochart will also make you design like a pro even though it may be only your first attempt.


Although they don’t have a well-illustrated introduction for users who want to create infographics with Easel.ly, it is still one of the best online tools there is right now because of the features that it offers.

Easel.ly comes with a new layout design feature that allows you to edit new infographics with ease. You also will like it because even if you are a newbie, you can easily navigate around through the features and come up with publishable content.

Most important of all, Easel.ly is a free tool, too, so you have nothing to lose.


Infogr.amWith Infogram, you get access to some of the best charts available online. You also have various options to choose from if you want to illustrate anything.

In addition, there are built-in spreads as well that help you edit the charts. If you can import your own XLS or other files, it will be much better. Feel free to choose from the various plans available on their site.

To get the best infographics, start by identifying one of the online tools that have the kinds of features that you really need. Although all these are great options, you may only need one. Choose the one that fits your need and get on to create infographics and charts for your website.

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