Infographic | The Mixology of Content Marketing

The content marketing strategy is an approach based on creating and distributing relevant, valuable, consistent, and unique content designed to attract and keep a targeted audience and therefore to drive customer action that is profitable for the company.

Content marketing is different from traditional marketing. You are providing truly useful and relevant content to your customers and prospects in order to solve their issues instead of pitching your services and products.

According to statistics, all leading brands use this marketing concept. Top organizations in the world implement the content marketing strategy among their strategies, including John Deere, Microsoft, P&G, and Cisco Systems.

In addition, thousands of one-person shops and small businesses around the globe are using content marketing as well.

It is beneficial for your customers and ultimately for your bottom line. There are three main benefits and reasons to use content marketing:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased sales, and
  • Better and more loyal customers.

Infographic | The Mixology of Content Marketing StrategyThe difference between informational garbage companies use to sell you their services and products and content marketing strategy is that the latter is relevant and valuable.

In today’s business environment, great content should be part of your process, no matter what other strategies you use.

In fact, statistics show that as much as 69 percent of marketers today are creating more content than a year ago, 77 percent are utilizing content marketing, and 62 percent of companies plan to create higher quality, engaging content.

In this context, it is essential to deliver the right mix of content to your audience. However mixed it all up, the bottom line is that all forms of marketing should provide quality content.

Social media marketing. Before your social media strategy comes your content marketing strategy. You need good, quality content — whether text, video, or photo — to share to your social media followers.

Search engine optimization. Businesses that publish consistent, quality content are rewarded by search engines.

Public Relations. Issues that readers care about are addressed by successful PR strategies, instead of issues that their business care about.

Industry News = Bloody MaryPay-Per-Click. Great content is necessary for PPC to work.

Inbound marketing. Leads and inbound traffic are attracted by content.

Content strategy. Most content marketing strategies include a good content strategy.

Content marketing is clearly a very important factor for business success. Marketers should then master the ways to use it and maximize its potential. For optimal results, take advantage of the latest content marketing tools that the industry has to offer.

The infographic below helps you better understand content marketing, presented as a cocktail mix.

The content marketing strategy represents the drinks on the cocktail menu, while inbound marketing is the bar.

The ambience and the bartender may be important as well. However, the quality of the drinks is what attracts people coming back for more at the end of the day.

Industry News = Bloody Mary

In giving industry news, for example, it is recommended that marketers provide short servings of news via newsletters, blogs, and social media. Almost 50% of marketers find newsletters effective.

You can liken it to a Bloody Mary: mix 3 parts fresh news with 1 part spicy trends and 1 part clear examples.

Social Video = Margarita

Social Video = MargaritaVideo content makes it easy to monitor its reach because the views are clearly seen.

In addition, you can also see the views from your demographic, the number of shares, and of course, the clickthrough rate.

When making a video, think of making a margarita: it’s best served with an edge and with a colorful accessory or two. It should comprise 1 part colorful and artistic appeal, 1 part clear message, and 1 part entertainment.

User-Generated Content = Piña Colada

A lot of businesses nowadays allow users to submit their own content. In this case, you don’t need to provide the content, let your users do so. However, you can suggest a theme they can work around in, a hashtag, or your product as their inspiration.

When it comes to cocktails, this could be similar to a piña colada: 3 parts user experience, 1 part creativity, 1 part branding, and hashtag as a garnish, which is to say, optional.

If your target are millennials, this would work very well. Studies show that millennials spend over 5 hours a day engaging with peer-created content.

White Papers = Old Fashioned

White papers are necessary if you want to establish yourself and your business as an industry expert. To do this, you need to serve it to your audience with a lot of information that shows you understand your niche inside out.

You can liken it to an Old Fashioned: 4 parts rich, in-depth information and 1 part clear, concise presentation.

Take a look at the infographic in details to learn about other content marketing strategies presented in cocktail mixes.

Infographic | The Mixology of Content Marketing

This cocktail mixology applied to content marketing reminds you that in order to get your message to your audience, you have to serve it up like a refreshing cocktail, in a way that’s enjoyable and easy to consume.

When customers and potential customers imbibe your content easily, they will be more than likely to buy from you. That’s the beauty of content marketing.

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