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Level Up Your Online Business With These 5 Step-by-Step Guides

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At Bookmark, we’re always working on making our customer’s journey to success as easy as possible. To help you develop a bigger online presence we’ve created many new modules that will make website improvements as efficient and accessible as ever.

The following blog will feature 5 simple step-by-step video guides that will take you through some of our new modules, and teach you how to implement them onto your website. We created these tutorials to help out our customers during last year’s holiday season, but the information is still very valuable in the new eCommerce landscape of 2021!

If you’d like to learn about even more awesome features and modules, check out our YouTube page!  You’ll find the following videos, along with a ton of other helpful content and website improvements to take your brand to the next level.

Without further ado, The 5 modules we’ll be going over today are:

1) Adding curbside pickup as an option at checkout.

2) Adding a click to call button.

3) Connecting Amazon to your Bookmark website.

4) Adding a banner to your homepage or landing page.

5) Setting up donations on your website.

Add Curbside Pick Up As An Option At Checkout

Curbside pickup surged 208% since the beginning of the pandemic and will be necessary for your success in 2021. We expect this upward trend to carry well into this year, and highly recommend you adding curbside pickup as an option on your website.

To set it up, go to shipping and pickup from your store admin. Click add pickup and change the name of the order pickup label at checkout to “Curbside pickup”.

In the detailed instructions for customers section add things like how, where, and when customers can pick up their purchases. If necessary, add a fee in the pickup charge section. Now just click the green add pickup option on the bottom of the page and you’re all set.

Add A Click To Call Button

Often an overlooked feature, a click to call button makes contacting your business extremely accessible for customers. Website improvements like this are an easy way to ramp up your customer service in 2021.

Once you’re in the editor side of the Bookmark website builder, go to the module section and drag the button icon on to the area of your website that you wish you have the button displayed.

Change the text appearance to “Click to call” and this is also where you can change the colour or shape of the button. Now click the hyperlink section and then the contact section. Choose phone from the dropdown menu and then add your business number. Click save, and you’re all set with a click to call button! 

Connect Amazon To Your Bookmark Website

With Amazon being the #1 selling platform, we wanted you to be able to integrate it into your Bookmark site to help you sell your products anywhere around the world. 2021 projections for worldwide Amazon sales are nearly $500 billion, and we want to help you tap into that market.

First of all, you’ll have to register for an Amazon Professional Seller Account. Once you’ve got that set up, go into the Bookmark website builder and go to settings. Select e-commerce, then select other channels, then select Amazon, now click Install.

From there your site will download Codisto, a program which allows you to connect your store to your website. Once Codisto is installed, go to your stores catalogue page and click the Connect Amazon button. At this point it will prompt you to sign into Amazon. Once you sign in your store will be connected to Amazon.

Add A Banner To Your Homepage or Landing Page

Banners on your homepage and landing page are great website improvements to promote special offers or deals which will help you drive up your revenue. They also help people understand what your website has to offer from the very moment they enter.

Jump into the editor side of your Bookmark web builder. Go to settings and select the SEO section. From there, scroll down to the header section, this is where you’ll enter the header code for your banner.

Copy and paste the code that’s in the description of the video for this section. Once the code is pasted you’ll find an area that we have labelled for you to change, this is where you can customize what your headers and banners will say. Once you’ve selected save settings at the bottom of your page you’re all set.

Set Up Donations On Your Website

If you happen to run a charity or organization that relies on donations but are not able to collect them in person, this is how you can set them up on your website.

Go to the modules section in the website builder, then click and drag a button to the desired space on your website. Rename the button to “Donations”, or your preferred title.

Then you’ll have to add donations as a product. To do this, go to settings and choose e-commerce, then click add product. From here you can add an image, the product name (this can be the donation amount) and then set the price.

Save those options and then click SEO on the top bar, highlight the green url above the product, and then hyperlink that url to the donate button you already set up.

To change the labels for your donation products go to settings and select edit store labels. Click the add custom label button and then search for the label you’d like to replace. Once the label appears you can change the title to whatever you chose.

For more videos on how to customize your Bookmark website subscribe to our YouTube channel. It’s here where we’re constantly updating how to use the amazing features of our website builder. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we’re always happy to help.

web deisgn tips,online business tips, online business, website design, web design, online business help, ecommerce website, ecommerce website tips, 2021 ecommerce

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