What You Need To Know About Trademarks (And Do You Need It?)

Also referred as a trade-mark or trade mark, a trademark is simply a recognizable expression, design, or symbol that identifies different products and services. The owner of the trademark can be a legal entity, an individual, or a business organization selling website templates or other products and services.

Basically, a trademark can be located either on a voucher, a label, a package, or on the item itself. Most firms will always display their trademarks on their buildings for the purpose of corporate identity.

Here’s what you need to know about trademarks and whether you need it for your business.

The history of trademarks

What You Need To Know About Trademarks (And Do You Need It?)Centuries ago, blacksmiths who used to make swords during the Roman empire were believed to be the first people to utilize the element of trademarks.

Several notable trademarks came to being after people realized its relevance. The Parliament of England, for example, was the first government body that passed the first trademark legislation in 1266, a period when King Henry III was the leader of Great Britain. The trademark laws passed required bakers to produce a distinctive mark for the bread products they were selling.

The importance of a trademark

Business owners are often encouraged to use a trademark since it is a mark, logo, or symbol that stands for the company. Trademarks are normally common for all kinds of businesses and goods, and enjoy the legal protection laws that have been imputed by most countries.

The following are the other reasons why it is essential that your business have a trademark.


The importance of trademarksBusinesses require consumers to be able to distinguish their products from other similar products in the market.

Generally, most consumers use trademarks, including stylized product names or specific color schemes and logos, to easily identify the specific brand they want to buy and use.

As a small business owner, it’s a must for you to come up with a trademark logo that will enable your clients to easily recognize your product in the market.

However, do not come out with a duplicate trademark, i.e., one that looks like the trademarks of other businesses, as it can lead to lack of product recognition or cause confusion. In some instances, it can even lead to the more established brand to sue you in court for copyright infringement.


Most customers have the tendency to associate products with one another or with the business that produces them using trademarks.

For instance, when a firm produces a successful product, most people believe that it may use the same trademark when designating its next product. This is important as it enables consumers to associate the old product with the new one, thus encouraging brand loyalty.

This eventually makes the new product to be considered more appealing since customers believe that it will be superior from the old one.

For protection purposes

Having a unique trademark that is legally recognized by your government will prevent other people from using it without authorization. Therefore, be guaranteed that a trademark can protect your intellectual property.

How to trademark your business name

How to trademark your business nameTrademarks are country-specific, so make sure to consult local experts on how to trademark your business.

Business associates in the website templates (or other industry) who are using trademarks to protect their brand names can also help you become informed about the requirements needed for you to trademark your business name.

Finally, ensure that you adhere to the rules in your country about trademarks so that you will have a hassle-free process on trademarking your business name.

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