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Need Extra Cash? Learn How You Can Make Money from Home Today


Working from home is becoming a big draw to many people across the world these days—and it makes sense, as research shows that people who work remotely are happier and more productive. Just think about it—you get to wake up on your schedule, head to your favorite spot, and run a business that generates a steady income. Whether it’s full time or part time, more and more people are finding the joys and advantages of working from home.

Bookmark Design Agency Program is a software tool that allows you to create your very own website design agency from anywhere. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or have any coding experience, you simply use the power of—a cutting-edge website development software that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to create websites automatically for you. Even if you put in as little as 1 hour a day, you can grow a business that provides you with a steady income, all from the comfort of your home.

Can anyone do it?

Yes, it’s that simple! The old way of creating websites required a lot of skill and time, which is why a customer in need of a website was willing to pay upwards of a $1,000 for it. However, that has now changed thanks to Using the power of AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), Bookmark asks you to answer 7 simple questions and the AI does the rest. You can simply sit back and watch your client’s website being created. In total, from starting the AI to the completion of a website, it takes about 2 minutes. This is powerful stuff!

How can I make money using Bookmark’s agency program?

The Bookmark design agency program gives you the ability to instantly become a website design agency, allowing you to manage unlimited clients and earn unlimited income from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is find an effective client onboarding process that works for you and then rinse and repeat daily. With just 1 hour a day of canvassing for clients, you can have 5-10 warm leads that want to pay you to create their website.

Further down in this article, we share our most successful method of onboarding, which can help you find your first clients using classified ads. If you put in 1 hour a day, this method is guaranteed to work. Before you know it, you’ll have a steady income stream.


Ready for some additional details?

For only $99.95 a year, you get full access to Bookmark’s agency program. Bookmark handles everything for you, including website hosting and website design using AIDA. Plus, every website is automatically mobile responsive, meaning it works on all mobile phones. As part of your annual fee, you even get your own agency website that you can customize further to showcase your price points and service packages. Here is a sample design agency website, which is the default layout that you can then further customize on your own.

Once you have your own agency website ready, then it’s time to learn how to bill your clients. There are two billing options that Bookmark provides.

Option 1:  Bookmark handles all the billing for your clients. These payments are for the website and other services you provide for your client. Option 1 is the easiest method, as you will never have to request payments from clients or worry about unpaid invoices. Once your client’s website is complete, you simply click the “Request Payment” button within your client dashboard. This will then send an email to your client with further information and their website details. Your client will then complete the registration process and add their credit card for payment. In this option, Bookmark takes 40% of the total payments. That means you earn 60% of the revenue for the lifetime of your customer. Bookmark will send you a check, PayPal, or wire transfer of your earnings every two weeks. A typical website customer will stay a member for 24 months. If the client ever stops paying, their website will be made inactive immediately. This serves as a very good motivator to keep your customers paying and you earning 60% of all revenue.

Option 2:  This is a more advanced option for agencies who want to handle all client payments on their own.  With this option, Bookmark does not handle the billing; instead we charge the agent’s credit card a flat rate fee for each client. The flat rate fee depends on whether you choose the Professional Plan or the Business Plan. The Business Plan starts at $20/month for each of your clients, while the Professional Plan starts at $10/month. The monthly flat rate fee decreases as you bring on more clients. This option allows you to charge your client whatever you want. Perhaps you provide additional service options like managing their e-commerce store or SEO, or SEM services and need to charge $199 a month. Bookmark will only charge you $10-$20 a month for each client website.


Ready to get your first customer?  Here’s our proven method that really works.

You’ve probably already interacted with online classifieds in one way or another, but did you know that they’re a very powerful tool that can generate steady clients? To take advantage of this tool, look no further than eBay. EBay owns 10 online classifieds brands that span across 1,000 different cities worldwide. We’ve developed a method that you can help you get warm leads every day from customers that want to pay for your services.

Step 1:

Find the classifieds service that is popular in your country. In the US, Craigslist is the most popular, followed by eBay, though there are many additional popular classified sites across the US.  In Canada, Kijiji is the most popular.

Step 2:

Once you have identified the most popular classifieds site in your area, it’s time to start canvassing for clients. Within each classifieds site there are two different types of postings—one where the poster is offering a service or product for sale, and one where the poster is requesting a product or service. Identify each section and search for posters who might be looking for web design services. Then, get a customized email template ready that you can copy and paste to each potential client.

Here is an email template that we find effective:

Hello [Name],

I came across your posting and was curious if you would be interested in help with your website. I took the liberty of making a quick sample design for you: (Replace this with the website AIDA creates for you.)

Here, you can see an idea of the direction I can take you guys. This website is only a mock-up and can be further customized to your exact specifications. The website I build will look good and work well across all devices, and your website will be indexed correctly for Google search engine to improve your search ranking and attract more visitors.

If you are interested in speaking about a new website, please feel free to reach out!

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from you.

[Your Name and Phone Number]

Step 3:

If there aren’t any posters on the classifieds boards who are explicitly asking for web design services, then start canvassing companies that offer a service. Bookmark’s AIDA creates websites across 750 different business types. This means you can easily create a website for any type of business. Let’s begin by searching the classifieds site for services offered by a company. Many of these companies are small businesses that do not have a website at all, and their listing likely only provides a phone number. If they had a website, they would post it within the ad, but many do not. Simply contact each service provider with your templated email and the sample website you created inside your account. A sample website can be created very quickly using AIDA and showing an example of a website that is customized to their business type will drastically improve your sales pitch.

Step 4:

If you want to create a successful business with consistent clients, then you need to monitor the classifieds for customers requesting a service or product. Every single day, across every city in the world, there are customers looking to have their websites created by someone like you, and they post ads in classifieds asking for design companies to pitch them. Monitor these ads across different cities and have your email template ready to send to any customer requesting web design services. Remember, your design agency has a big advantage over the competition—you can send mock-up examples of a website so they know exactly what you can do for them. In fact, you can send 3 different examples that will only take you about 5 minutes to create using AIDA. Simply create the first website using Bookmark by answering 7 simple questions. You will then see that AIDA asks you if you would like to have a new website created.  Say yes and create 2 additional websites for a total of 3. Each of these websites will be stored in your dashboard, and voila! You have 3 different samples to show a potential client, and it only took you a few minutes. Bookmark allows you to create multiple websites quickly, keeping the cost down and further adding to the overall appeal of your offering when negotiating with potential clients.

Wrap up

Every business needs a good website, but not every business has the tools to make one on their own. That’s where you come in! For only $99.95 a year, you can build your own successful web design agency that helps small businesses get online. There are so many ways to promote your design agency business, and the sample we showed above is just one simple, proven method. Give Bookmark a try and start your design agency today!