How To Successfully Market Your Small Business In 5 Easy Steps

Small business marketing has come a long way in the past years. Gone are the days of print ads and word-of-mouth. Now it’s all about how you can reach the most customers on a limited budget. You don’t need to be a big business to invest in your marketing. Successful marketing is about so much more than social media and ads. It’s about finding new ways to connect with your audience! Keep reading for a guide to successfully marketing your small business in 5 easy steps.

Small Business Laptop

Step 1: Tell Your Story

A lot of new businesses jump right into marketing their business without planning their messaging. As a small business, you have the chance to really connect with your audience. It’s hard to compete with big brands like Amazon on things like price or selection, but you can compete with your story. What sets your business apart? How can you uniquely tell your brand story?

Step 2: Location, Location, Location

Just like real estate, location matters in marketing. One of the biggest mistakes of small businesses new to digital marketing is to simply market everywhere. If you market everywhere, somewhere will stick, right? Wrong. It is much smarter to invest time and month into one or two platforms than to spread out your efforts across every platform you can think of. Different audiences are known to spend time on different platforms. Find the platforms where your audience spends time and focus on those! You can always branch out later!

Step 3: Video Marketing

Video marketing is changing the way people interact with brands. Have you scrolled through Facebook or Instagram lately? If you have, odds are you’ve noticed the rise in the number of videos. Maybe you stop sometimes when something in these videos catches your eye? Videos are shown to boost brand awareness by up to 54%! Video marketing is fresh and new, and it’s a great way to interact on a new level with your customers!

Step 4: Go Local

If you have a local-based small business, you can really hone in on that market. You can visit local shows or events to really meet your customers face-to-face. Just don’t forget the details like tablecloths with logos printed by The Teehive or custom cards. While word-of-mouth might not get your business as far today, you can use local SEO to make sure your local community sees your business online! While many businesses are going online, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still value in having a local community to build your business around.



Step 5: Content Marketing

Small businesses often overlook content marketing. Content marketing is simply creating content like blog posts, podcasts, or even graphics for your audience. This content builds trust and attracts more people to your website or email list. Creating great content is a free way to market your business and create a loyal base of customers!

Small Business Marketing in 2018

The world of small business marketing is a much different place than it was 10 or even 5 years ago. Having a small business means taking the time to learn the best way to get your business noticed whether it’s online or in person. Follow these 5 steps above to create a solid marketing plan to launch your business!