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How to Boost Employee Wellness

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Many of us were overly thrilled to say goodbye to 2020, but we didn’t really know what 2021 was to hold. All I can say is, it’s quite the same. I feel constantly drained and very unmotivated… Like I’m treading water that’s turned into molasses. And I think we all feel this way.

This global pandemic has put everything into a new perspective. We have been made to adapt to new rules and restrictions, which has started taking a severe toll on our mental health in our personal and work lives.

The severity of mental health has really come to the surface over the past few years, and this is why companies worldwide have been making employee wellness a determined priority.

So, where do you start? There are many companies out there now offering in-depth programs for this. Still, even starting with some simple yet powerful practices, not only can you boost the health and happiness of yourself and your employees, but your customers will benefit too.

Here are some excellent starting points on boosting employee wellness, leading to more productivity at the workplace, which grows your company closer together and towards success.

Stay In Touch

The lack of human contact has done a number on us, some more so than others. As social beings, we need to be together as often as we can. Sadly, hanging out isn’t an option for most right now. Which is ironic because that just makes connecting with people so much more critical. We need to start by reminding ourselves that we’re all in this together.

Also, realizing the endless benefits we get from socializing face-to-face encourages connection amongst your team. Put together weekly team meetings, and make them fun, not about work.

When technology has minimized the need for humans to even speak to each other, it’s so important to remember that employees are still social beings.

Leader of The Pack

For many of us, work can feel like a second home. But the big question is, are you happy going there? This is up to the leaders. The elements that are used to build a comfortable home are the same as the ones to create a happy work environment. So, what makes a happy home aside from making your bed every morning? Communication. As a leader, make sure your employees know you have an open-door method. If your employees don’t feel comfortable at work, then they will not be able to attain a stress-free working mind.

At the end of the day, you want your employees to easily ask for advice or a day off. A transparent culture at work is essential for reducing stress on your employees and to boost feelings of empowerment and connectedness.

Most employees are wondering what the new norm will be like for the office after the pandemic. It’s best to be open and communicate new office plans if there are currently any. Here are some tips on getting back to the office without too much disturbance.

Physical and Mental Health Boosters

It’s harder than ever to get and stay motivated to exercise your mind and body. But a healthy mind and body are beneficial beyond belief. Healthy employees can handle stress more effectively and feel more energized to tackle deadlines and work projects.

Always discuss and promote the importance of healthy eating, exercise and sleep schedule. Many companies take a step further and provide gym benefits to their employees to boost their overall wellness. Meditation can also be beneficial to your team in reducing potential stress. There are many apps out there to help quiet the mind and relax.

Stress is that ominous word that can get between an employee and their best work. Even your top employees have days with some element of stress in their lives. Ensuring employees control it can boost their self-confidence, productivity levels, and overall wellness.

employee wellness, employee health, mental health, employee, employee tips, business tips, mental health 2021, wellness, employees, employee mental health, health and wellness

Be Resourceful

With the way the world is rolling, the importance of good mental health is bigger and stronger than ever. We all need to take care of each other these days, which especially pertains to the leaders. When we see substantial employee wellness, the positive results are beneficial for everyone included. 

You need to be resourceful. Take a look at your benefits program and see if any areas could be reinforced. Extensive dental, paid sick days, psychotherapy, and virtual care are all great additions. The fewer employees need to worry about these components in their lives, it’s more likely for them to focus positive energy on your business.

Heavy workloads can leave employees to burnout and stress. This is why it’s vital to enforce work-life balance. This will allow for fully refreshed employees at the start of every workday to bring their most creative ideas to the table. And always be prepared with tips, tools, and programs readily available to help guide your employees’ wellness to a better place.

We’re Only Human

Pobody’s Nerfect, right? We all make mistakes, feel overwhelmed and have our good and our bad days. What I’m saying is, we are all human. So when it comes to employee wellness, this is indeed the root of it all.Celebrate your company culture wins, whether they are big or small. Remember, most people just want to be treated equitably.

A simple acknowledgment can be so rewarding to your employee and their workday. Take some time to talk to them about life, learn about your employee’s interests and hobbies. You want to connect with your team as a friend personally — no one ever wants to feel like just another employee number.

Offer great perks to let your employees know you care about them and their wellbeing and health. It’s a win-win. How your people feel about working at your company is how they will relay that to the world.

In it to win it

With 2021 not being so kind to us, we need to make sure we are kind to each other. Use these tips to make sure that your workplace is somewhere people are happy to be at, and you will find your employees working harder and smarter.

There are many benefits in choosing to improve employee wellness in your company. Although some are reluctant since it may appear to take away from the bottom line, it actually will grow your business in the long run due to boosted employee productivity, employee wellness, and employee retention.

As always feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions. Stay tuned for more weekly blogs filled with the knowledge you need to build and grow your online presence.

employee wellness, employee health, mental health, employee, employee tips, business tips, mental health 2021, wellness, employees, employee mental health, health and wellness