7 Great Apps You Can Use For Your Business

With the recent technological advancements, there are a lot of applications nowadays that entrepreneurs can use in their business to complement their responsive web design. A brief look at Google Play, for example, will give you dozens of cheap, cloud-based software solutions including project planning tricks and invoicing.

When choosing an app, do some research so that you can find easily the one which will perfectly suit your needs. Here are some great apps that might be useful in your business.

8 Google Apps You Can Use For Your Business

1. Smartsheet Project Management

Smartsheet can hassle-free import a spreadsheet and convert it into several lists of tasks appropriate to make your business flow smoothly.

By just clicking this app once, you will create a calendar or Gantt chart that shows due dates as well as the progress of your tasks.

2. Aviary

There are situations where you need to processing images for business, e.g., tweaking your business logo or cropping and resizing a photo for your website.

In situations like that, consider using Aviary. This app offers media editing options, including audio editor, vector editor, as well as image editor that can, in the long run, contribute to making your website appealing and attractive to potential clients.

3. Mindmeister

This app is an effective tool which your team members can use to sketch and share their ideas and plans about how your business will progress in the long run.

Mindmeister often gives a visual representation of different concepts and how they relate to your business.

mindmeister great apps

4. GQueues

Once you’ve properly planned the different tasks you need to take for the success of your business, use this full-featured task manager to assign roles to team members.

GQueues integrates with the Google Calendar, enabling business people to arrange recurring tasks. It also collaborates with others to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to tasks and deadlines.

5. Bantam Live

This app offers an activity stream featuring updates on how your team members are progressing. Bantam Live enables them to share address books, contact details, as well as add notes to conversations with the team.

6. OffiSync

This Google app is simply an add-on to the 2003, 2007, and 2010 Microsoft Office versions. OffiSync adds in Office applications, i.e., a toolbar that lets business people save Office files to Google Docs in their native format.

7. Syncplicity

Syncplicity will enable you sync other types of files via Google Docs. Basically, this will allow you upload anything you want from PDFs to video clips.

The main role of this app is encrypting files and supporting custom permissions settings as well as policy controls.

The benefits of these great apps for business

The benefits of these great apps for business

One primary benefit is that these apps give you enough storage space. Mail servers that are considered the best will usually offer around 1GB of storage space for you business emails.

However, most mail servers offer less storage space unless you’ll consider paying for more storage spaces. By installing Google apps, Google will provide you with 10GB for free that you can use to store different important things that can make your business progress.

Another benefit is that these great apps are easy to set up. There are step-by-step videos and instructions. This means that you will not be required to have any technical knowledge to use these apps.

With a responsive web design and these apps to help you and your team, your small business will definitely grow.

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