5 Back to School Email Newsletter Templates to Increase Sales

Christmas, Easter, Black Friday — name a seasonal event and there will always be a company offering discounts: they know it’s one of the best ways to attract customers and increase sales.

One such important event is when students go back to school. It is a significant occasion for parents, children, and especially for companies whose products are targeted towards young people.

Back to school sales make everyone happy because parents save some cash, children are ready to start a new school year with brand new things, and companies definitely increase their profits.

So if your small business targets children, adolescents, and young people in general, don’t miss the opportunity of having a back to school sale. Your challenge in the upcoming months is to inform your contacts about your special offers.

One way of doing so is to start a back to school newsletter; work out all the details, create the best back to school email newsletter template, and send it before school starts.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to do the newsletter, check out how these five companies have come up with creative back to school email newsletter templates.

1. Email Newsletter Template #1: A Playful Checklist

This back to school email newsletter template is visually appealing and has pulled together all the important details. The entire design indicates school and children: a blackboard theme, a hopscotch grid, and a chalk piece drawing and font.

5 Back to School Email Newsletter Templates to Increase Sales

The most interesting part is how the hopscotch grid is represented as a checklist for clothes. This actually serves as an essential checklist of clothes parents shouldn’t forget to buy for their children.

It offers a wide range of clothes from summer to winter, too, from before starting to after finishing school. The 15% discount and free shipping services cannot be missed as they are placed at the very beginning of the template.

2. Email Newsletter Template #2: A Fashion Guide

Nordstrom used a back to school email newsletter template to communicate with girls in high school. They have showcased the different types of clothes from casual daily wear to homecoming dresses, all the essential clothes to have for the year.

email newsletter template Nordstrom

In addition, they have created various tips and tricks that can help a girl choose the right clothes and stay stylish.

The design of this template is simple and attractive. It looks like a DIY, a page from a personal diary, or the favorite elements pasted on a board in a girl’s room. It is something girls can relate to and motivates them to look further into the online shop.

Nordstrom makes things even easier by including the location of their shops, their gift card offers, their app, and their social media buttons.

We have to remember we’re talking about millennials here! These buttons are crucial; if we maintain our social media profiles active and share content that might be useful for these kids, we’ll probably gain new customers.

3. Email Newsletter Template #3: Must-Have School Supplies

Ban.do knows exactly that back to school is the most important occasion for their business. If you’re in the school supply business, take full advantage of this time and attract your audience with tempting offers.

email newsletter template Ban.do

Ban.do has highlighted two elements in their newsletter template: products and price. They have given the utility of each product, giving customers more reasons to buy them.

It has been proven: subscribers love some good content in addition to the promotions.

4. Email Newsletter Template #4: Gadgets

Back to school (or college!) is the right time to offer discounts on gadget cases.  High school and college students will be highly interested in these products since everyone has a gadget or two.

Students not only try to protect their gadgets, they’ll also make a style statement with original designs and colors.

email newsletter template Kate Spade

Kate Spade has used vibrant colors such as yellow and red and a white grid to expose their original designs on cases; indeed, colorful templates always have a great effect when it comes to the young people.

Their call to action button is located in the middle of the template, so it does its job by calling the customer’s attention. They are having a giveaway, too, offering the possibility of winning a $500 gift card. It is definitely an amazing way to boost back to school sales.

5. Email Newsletter Template #5: Back to School Goes Beyond School

Urban Outfitters has listed all the essential things a child or teenager would like to have in their bedroom. Indeed, who wouldn’t like to have a bedroom like the one below?

email newsletter template Urban Outfitters

This template is very attractive and tries to make parents think that their child’s bedroom could definitely have a makeover. They used a checklist to make it look like a necessity, and they attract their audience with appealing images, motivating their customers to purchase.

The back to school email newsletter template is as simple as ABC; the background font is a gridded paper, which reminds us of math class, with pictures featuring types of furniture and a little drawing here and there.

As we see here, back to school season isn’t only about school supplies; it is also about clothes, furniture, and accessories. The new school year is definitely the best excuse for spoiling the whole family.

To sum up, these five back to school email newsletter templates teach us to:

  • Come up with creative designs related to school, children, teens, or elements that children and teens can identify with
  • Go beyond selling products with valuable information like tips, best practices or a guide
  • Direct your contacts’ attention to your products and price and to give them a reason to buy, and
  • Guide parents and children in their purchase through checklist- and planner-looking templates.

Don’t think twice about using these tips in your own back to school newsletter. Whether you have a school supplies store or a clothing one, whether you have a coffee shop near a campus or a home-decor store, give these ideas a try and let us know in the comment section below if they worked for you. We’re sure they will!

You can also use a pre-built email newsletter template from Mailify just for back to school sales.

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