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How to Tell if Your Homepage Sucks

You switch on your laptop, get started, open your Internet browser and then search for what you need… only to find the site you land on is too slow or confusing. You move on to the next site. According to Google, a great website is one that people visit, recommend, and share. Google uses factors

Web Design

How to Optimize Your Website to Attract High-End Customers

There’s a major misconception among new website owners that as long as you build a professional looking website, complete with amazing products and services, that high-end customers will just flock to it. But attracting high-end clients isn’t going to just happen. It takes patience, hard work, and a well thought out plan to drive more

Infographic: 7 Top Web Design Trends in 2017
Web Design

Need Extra Cash? Learn How You Can Make Money from Home Today

Working from home is a big allure for many people across the world these days.  Waking up in the comforts of your own home, heading to your favorite spot and being able to run a business that generates you a steady income.  Whether it’s full time or part time more and more people are finding