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How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name in 2021

One important and stressful part of planning a website is choosing the domain name. Whether it’s for your new and exciting business endeavour or a portfolio of your personal work, picking a domain name at the beginning of your journey leaves you to think, am I making the right choice? We can all remember that

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Why Your Business Should Have A Blog In 2021

It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, a helpful blog can be really beneficial to any business. Trust us, we say this from experience. At Bookmark, we love using this blog to help business owners gain the knowledge they need to build and grow their online presence. Your blog post doesn’t even need

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A Beginners Guide to Launching a Website

At Bookmark, we make launching your website as simple and accessible as possible. Our website builder and platform is designed so that anybody can use it to get online, regardless of your design of coding skills. So, theoretically, you could just jump right into building a website if you wanted. However, we highly recommend that

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Level Up Your Online Business With These 5 Step-by-Step Guides

At Bookmark, we’re always working on making our customer’s journey to success as easy as possible. To help you develop a bigger online presence we’ve created many new modules that will make website improvements as efficient and accessible as ever. The following blog will feature 5 simple step-by-step video guides that will take you through

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How to Tell if Your Homepage Sucks

A great website is one that people visit again and again. Google uses factors such as bounce rates, exit rates, the amount of incoming traffic, and the amount of time visitors stay on your homepage to determine whether a website ranks well or not, especially for a particular query. Based on those on-page factors, Google’s

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The No-Brainer’s Guide to Call to Action

Do you remember the last time you subscribed to a product or service? If you do, do you know the exact moment you did? Most likely, you were persuaded by a call to action (CTA). CTAs are one of the most effective mechanisms businesses use to drive sales. In today’s post, we’ll show you how

Online Business Marketing TipsWeb Design Tips and Tricks

How to Generate Referrals for Your Business

As almost all business owners will tell you, generating leads can be challenging. If you are a seasoned business owner, who’s been doing business long enough, it’s easy to think of a couple of sure-fire ways to generate leads effortlessly. For a novice, who’s learning the ropes, it’s a lot harder; although, it’s not impossible