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Bookmark is the go-to website building platform empowering users of all backgrounds and ability levels to create beautiful, fully-functional websites.

Our simple, drag-and-drop technology and feature-packed templates makes creating a professional-looking and polished website easy, affordable, and fun!


With Bookmark, we’re enabling users to adapt their website to what’s most important to them — helping them build their brand, tell their story, showcase their talent, and make their mark in the online world like never before.

Bookmark is more than just a website builder. That’s just the first step. We also provide a full-suite of support and educational services for our customers once their website is up and running as an ongoing, value-added feature.

We’re also in the business of improving lives. Bookmark has partnered with charity: water to donate a portion of every sale to building water wells and bringing clean water to the people who need it the most.

 Product Hunt, Techstars and Ycombinator

Bookmark was recently featured on Product Hunt, and was invited for interviews for Tech Stars and Y Combinator — the top 2 accelerators in the world!

The current website development industry represents a multibillion dollar market,valued at 20.1 billion and growing in the US alone. For businesses and individuals seeking to promote and expand their brand visibility, establishing an online presence is absolutely key.

 Invest in bookmark.com

Even so, there are currently over 15 million small business owners and millions more solopreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals who still don’t have a website due to a number of obstacles.

Mainly, the current website development process is:


As a result, up to 75% of businesses are hiring a design firm or professional coder, and 25% are amateur designers and DIYers struggling to create a website through another platform.

But design firms and professional coders are expensive. And for those without advanced development or design knowledge who turn to website building platforms, they often have to contact developers to convert their designs into code or to make changes — and they’re slapped with hundreds of dollars in fees for even the simplest of changes.

That’s where Bookmark comes in. We knew that it was time to create a platform that removes these barriers with a solution that is both user-friendly for the novice developer, and flexible enough for more advanced users to build a website that matches their vision.

With Bookmark, we’ve simplified and streamlined the entire website building process to help customers spend more time focusing on their goals.

Our cross-browser website builder lets users create their own website from scratch using Bookmark’s best-in-class collection of tools, templates and modules. The websites built using Bookmark are customizable, responsive, modular, updatable, and eCommerce-ready. Best of all, you can see your changes as you make them.


Bookmark.com Features

Bookmark offers a Business package with ecommerce capabilities specifically targeted toward enabling small business and solopreneur users to sell products and services and accept payments directly through their Bookmark website.

 Bookmark.com e-commerce solution

This is the bread and butter of our platform. Bookmark offer 18 different pre-built modules commonly found on websites. With our Focus Feature, novice users can simply select the features they want, and quickly add sections and create a website easily. It also allows the more advanced user to further customize each section with our range of slick drag and drop modules.

Bookmark Focus Modules

Content Styles

Event Registration

About Us



Photo Gallery

Call to Action

Check List

Contact Forms

Price Tables


Featured In


Social Media


Email Collection



Bookmark isn’t just giving users the tools they need to build websites, we’re also giving them the knowledge and skills they need to manage and promote their website effectively.

We offer 16 courses written by industry experts. Theses courses are gamified, making the educational experience more motivating and more fun, encouraging users to complete quizzes and pass with a score high enough to earn a badge for each course.

e-Learning Courses

Basics of mobile web design

Facebook marketing

Getting to know Google adwords

Getting to know photoshop

Getting to know social media

Getting to know the internet

Introduction to LinkedIn

Introduction to SEO

Introduction to web development

Paypal guide

Personal branding

Starting your business online

Web usability

Twitter for business

YouTube secrets

Bookmark also enhances your business or career on the internet with a social community forum where users can gain valuable insights from experts within the Bookmark network that they can apply to their own business.

Bookmark Experts

 Bookmark.com Ask an Expert

Bookmark just recently launched, and over 1500 registered users signed up in the first 14 days. We’re working hard to build on our momentum as we scale the business. Here’s a look at our timeline and some of our key traction points.

During our beta phase, we amassed 5,000 registered emails from users who signed up at bookmark.com and we invited them to test our website with a 6 month free account. 500 users signed up for an account and used the platform.

 Bookmark.com Proof of concept

We have added the ability to purchase domain, purchase custom email, and created a bug-free environment through feedback from our 500 beta users. We have negotiated a contract with Ecwid.com to add e-commerce for an additional $10–15 a month.

New Programs
We have created a referral program and numerous new features.

We A/B tested our landing page and performed diagnostic onboarding testing through Intercom.io.

David Kosmayer
David created his first company at 22 just coming out of college. MarketingExtensions Inc. an online affiliate and marketing agency was born from the basement of his parent’s home. This company grew under his leadership into a 55-person team, topping $60M in revenue in less than a decade. David is highly focused, dedicated and passionate about building successful companies. He currently holds a 100% equity stake in Bookmark, has injected $800,000 of his own capital. Confident in the product offering and marketplace positioning, David’s dedication firmly focused on Bookmark the company has an exceptional leader with a proven track record driving the success of this company for many years to come.
Atanas is responsible for managing Bookmark’s development team. He’s a full stack developer who has made a number of amazing contributions to Bookmark. Prior to Bookmark, Atanas lead the team at MD.com — the largest website database for finding a doctor in the United States. Atanas earned his bachelor degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering and master degree in Software Engineering from Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje. When he’s not working Atanas loves to jump on his motorcycle and cruise.
Petar is lead engineer and brainchild behind the architecture of Bookmark’s website development software. Prior to Bookmark Petar lead the team creating Tag N Go software, he was system architect and front end developer. Petar loves solving complex problems, he’s passionate about mobile tech, web crawling and self learning categorization algorithms. Also for enjoyment Petar does puzzles, mazes and most of all is exceptional in the kitchen where he loves to cook and has his own cooking blog.

 Be Part of This Iconic Domain: BOOKMARK.com
Be Part of This Soon to be Iconic Company: Bookmark Your Life Inc.