Infographic | The 100 Best Web Design Tools For Your Business Website

If there’s one marketing task any small business owner is required to do nowadays, it’s to have an online presence. Having a responsive website AND social media accounts is a must.

It is unfortunate, however, that there are still some business owners who underestimate the value of having a professional-looking website. Today’s consumers use the internet in almost every aspect of the buying process, and you can only hook them into your business when you have a good quality website.

Thus, whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a consultant, a marketing employee, or a professional designer, this list of the best web design tools should be helpful to you.

Infographic | The 100 Best Web Design Tools For Your Business WebsiteThe infographic has a total of 100 tools, divided into several categories, including typography, infographics, stock photos, inspiration, graphics/pictures editor, stock graphics, logo design, collaboration, colors, and prototyping.

For each category, the Illustrio team (the infographic creator) has included both free and paid tools. They also feature their favorite tool in every category.

This list of web design tools is not exhaustive nor is it meant to be. However, it should definitely help when you are looking for something to make your website pop up and stand out from the millions of other similar websites out there.

This list is the ultimate when it comes to web design tools. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Essentially, typography refers to the arrangement, appearance, and style of text that is used in web design. The main reason why typography is crucial to web design is because it ensures that the text on the web page is legible and understandable.

Included in the ten typography tools is Google Fonts. You can find a lot of (free) fonts here that you can use for your website. There’s also Fonstruct (create your own font!), and 1001 Fonts (a huge library of fonts you can use), among others.

The highlighted favorite is Frontface Ninja. It is a free tool that helps you identify fonts on a web page and use them.

Stock Photos

pexelsPeople are influenced by visuals more than text. That’s why photography can create an amazing experience for visitors. Stock photos allow you to choose the right image for your project.

Among the tools included in this category is Pexels. This site offers a huge database of stock photos that can be downloaded for free. Unsplash is another free download stock photos database that offers ten new photos every ten days.

The author’s favorite is Pixabay. There are hundreds of thousands of high quality images all available under Creative Commons license.

Stock Graphics

Stock graphics is probably the most influential way to communicate with targeted audience. Graphic designing includes the use of artworks, logos, shapes, and icons, among others.

With advancement, today, such visual representations are also available through resources that may or may not charge a fee. An example is Vecteezy, the best place to find vector images.

The ispot, while a paid resource, is a good place to buy premium illustrations from talented artists. Flaticons, on the other hand, is free. It is a huge database contributed to by designers. Use of their icons require credits.

Other stock graphics tools include Illustrio (paid, customized beautiful icons), Iconfinder (search engine for free icons), and The Noun Project (free, black and white simple icons).


CanvaThe most interesting way to transform any dull data into an interesting graphic work is through infographics.

Infographics are easy on the eyes and can also be registered in the mind without much difficulty.

Included in the ten tools is Canva, a free and simple graphic design software you can use for anything from infographics to social media images.  And for a great Canva alternative, try Design Wizard.

There’s also, a free online tool great for making network diagrams and flow charts; Infogram, another free online tool that can be used for making interactive charts and infographics; and Piktochart, another free and easy-to-use infographic maker.


It is not always possible for web designers to meet the exact requirements of the clients. However, with the help of collaboration tools, it is now possible to simplify the burden of work.

InVision, for example, is a free and simple prototyping and collaboration tool best for design teams. Cage is another collaborative tool, though paid, offering an attractive dashboard where teams can communicate with clients.


Colors evoke emotions that generate a response, including sales, from readers. There are a lot of tools you can use for adding colors to your project.

Color Hunt, for example, is a free tool that will let you browse through thousands of four-color combinations until you find the perfect one for your website. Coolors generates colors that are appropriate for your project designs, while Unclrd is a free browser extension that turns websites into black and white.

For the rest of the web design tools, take a look at the following infographic.

Infographic | The 100 Best Web Design Tools For Your Business Website

With these 100 web design tools, it doesn’t matter if you are creative or not. Just use any of these tools and make your website stand out.

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