Infographic | The Best Apps Small Businesses Should Use

As a small business owner and startup founder, there are a lot of hats you need to wear in order to keep your company profitable in the first two years.

You need to be the website builder, marketing strategist, financial guru, technical writer, and even your own secretary.

Unfortunately, you don’t have 60 hours a day. If you want to increase your productivity and make your life as an entrepreneur a bit easier, use small business apps. They organize your workflow, increase your efficiency, and improve your bottom line.

After all, nowadays, apps are everywhere. There is an app for anything and everything. If you want to eat out, there is an app to help you find the best (or nearest) restaurants. If you want to check the currency exchange rates, there are apps for that, too.

Indeed, there are a lot of small business apps available. Here are some of the best apps you can use.

Small Business Apps: Paperwork

All businesses have paperwork to accomplish. These tasks can be so time-consuming that you need to have a dedicated staff working on them. However, there are also some apps you can use.


Small Business Apps: PaperworkEvery business will have a lot of bills. There are a lot of business-related expenses to keep track of. Who will do it?

If you don’t have a staff member, the amount of work can keep you from focusing on your business.

You can forget about these hassles with Abukai. This app helps you to create instant expense reports while in the field. All you have to do is take a photo of the receipt and the app will turn this into an expense for that can be easily emailed or printed for filing.


Freshbooks comes highly recommended as a cloud accounting software with both phone and online support. Even if you’re a new entrepreneur, it is easy enough to use.

It does the work of a lot of people. You can create invoices with this, expense reports, or even estimates. You can also segment your files by project for easy organization.


QuickBooks is another accounting software that’s really helpful to new businesses. It makes accounting a painless process and also makes it easy for you to submit the data to an accountant.

With QuickBooks, you can also connect directly to your bank online. How convenient is that?

Sharing and Communications

A very important aspect of any business is communication, from communicating to your team members, suppliers, and customers. This can be a challenge for a small business.

The answer? Use the small business apps that will help you communicate with others. Here are some of the best ones.


MailchimpMailchimp is a popular choice for companies who send out newsletters. This app is an email marketing service that stores your customers’ email addresses securely.

With Mailchimp, keeping in touch with your customers has never been easier!


Buying some space can be expensive. HyperOffice gives you the opportunity to function without an office. You can sit in your room or in a coffee shop somewhere in Asia and have a web conference.

You can also read and add to collaborative projects, as well as stay synchronized with other members of your team the whole day.


Marketing your business is essential. How does one do it? What you can do is Pinpointe, another email marketing service.

It offers personalized tips and advice on creating the perfect email marketing campaign.

You Send It

A company will always have a lot of documents, and there are times when you do need to send these online to your team members.

You Send It makes it easy to share large files with people outside your company. You can also use it to access your large files (such as videos or presentations) while on the road.

Security Apps

Security AppsSecurity is a major concern for any business, big or small. With the rising number of data breach nowadays, it’s a must to know how to keep our data secure. Here are some apps which can be helpful.


With this app, you can see who is connected to the same network as you. This is important especially if you’re sending sensitive files over WiFi.


How often have we seen documents get lost during a power outage? Mozy prevents losses like this. It stores a backup of your files on the cloud, and you can access them using your phone even when office computers are down.

Management Software Apps

There’s a number of management software that you can buy online. Before purchasing, though, make sure that these services will allow you to access the software even when you’re on the move.

Some small business apps you can use include Tribe HR (an employee directory), Zendesk (a customer service software), and Resumator (for staff hiring).

For other recommended small business apps, refer to the following infographic.

infographic best small business apps

Indeed, small business apps are the answer to make your startup save on expenses while increasing efficiency and productivity. Even if you are an established website builder, there’s still a lot of things you need help with.

Choose what apps would serve your business the best and get them as quickly as possible in order to ensure success of your small business.

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