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6 Free Marketing Tactics You Can Start Today

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With the advent of eCommerce, marketing has taken quite a turn. New phrases like brand awareness and social media strategy are coming into play. eCommerce has taken the marketing world by storm, which means conventional advertising doesn’t work as effectively now.

So, how do you keep your business alive in the current digital world? By learning the latest tricks and tactics that rule the modern marketing world. 

Some of the most effective techniques you can use to strengthen your business, increase sales and raise brand awareness include writing a blog, using social media, offering discounts, upselling your products, creating email campaigns, and setting a convenient return policy. 

But where can you learn these tricks? Sit tight because this article details these six marketing tactics that you can use to skyrocket your business at zero cost. They can conveniently upscale your business without you spending a buck!

Are you ready?

1. Write a blog

Starting a blog is ideal for bringing organic traffic to your website. Plus, if you are a writer, it is essentially free. You can share your expertise and establish authority among your readers by publishing relevant content.

But here’s the flip side: a blog won’t start printing bills overnight. Like all good things, you will have to wait for your blog to start showing results. Once you have engaged several readers with valuable content, your business website crawls up to the top of Google search results.

Here are a few ways blogging can help your business in the long term.

  • Engaging a top-of-the-funnel audience: A blog post is an excellent way to provide valuable information to your prospects.
  • Build credibility: Providing valuable content to the masses will automatically establish you as an authority in your domain. Hence, people will feel confident while buying from you.
  • Earn cash: Monetizing a blog can become an excellent side-hustle and a resource to earn extra money. The content marketing industry is estimated to reach a whopping $137 billion by 2026.

What’s the easiest way to start a blog? Bookmark can set one up in a matter of minutes!

2. Use social media channels

44.8% of all internet users search for information related to a brand on social media platforms. That makes up for a massive segment of the total population. Hence, if you use social media as one of your marketing channels, your chances of reaching your prospects are pretty bright.

But there are dozens of social media applications out there. That does not mean starting a profile on each one of them. You can narrow it down to the platforms where you can find your ideal customer profiles in the majority. Consider Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

Here is how you can use social media channels for your marketing campaigns:

  • Build brand awareness: All big brands take their social media presence seriously because it helps build their understanding and trust among their customers.
  • Paid advertising: Yes, this article is about free marketing tactics, but if you are willing to put in a few extra bucks, social media paid ads can boost your reach.
  • Connecting with your customers: You can find new customers and reach out to older ones by engaging in comments underneath your post. Also, social media reviews are excellent at bringing you new prospects.

The bottom line: No marketer in his right mind would miss out on the benefits of marketing through social media platforms. They are practical and pretty much free!

3. Offer discounts

Consider giving seasonal offers – think when people are most likely to buy your products. Many businesses offer discounts near the Christmas holidays because that is when you can expect the most sales. 

Similarly, you can bundle up two or more of your products that are usually bought together—for instance, a rain boot and an umbrella. You can check data from your Shopify store to determine the combinations that customers prefer.

But giving away a discount that no one knows about won’t do you any good. Advertising your offers over the internet is one way to ensure it catches the public’s eyes. According to a study in the Netherlands, 40% of consumers look for discounts on online platforms and eCommerce websites.

Here are a few ways discounts can benefit your business:

  • Meet sales goals: Are your sales turning a bit sluggish? A deal is an apt tactic to jazz things up.
  • Attract new customers: What attracts customers more than slashed-down prices?
  • Advertising your business: Offering discounts invokes conversation about your business among customers. Hence, marketing your company for free!
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4. Upsell your products

Upselling your products means tempting your customer into buying something more expensive. You can earn more profit by persuading your customers to purchase the latest model of your product instead of last year’s.

No less than 65% of a company’s sales are generated from existing customers. That is why customer retention is so necessary. Upselling works primarily with old customers rather than newer ones.

How can you upsell on your business website?

  • Add relevant products: Bookmark lets you add a “related” or “you may also like” section on your eCommerce website’s products page. It shows products that are relevant to your customer’s recent browsing.
  • Match the price range: You cannot upsell a $1,000 product with a $50 one. Make sure to be sensitive to your customer’s price range.
  • Offer discount coupons: Many businesses offer a discount coupon to their first-time customers that they can redeem when they buy from you the second time.

5. Create email campaigns

According to a survey among marketers worldwide, every dollar spent on email marketing, eCommerce, retail, and consumer goods sector generated revenue of up to 45 dollars.

Plus, if you use the affordable email marketing tool by Shopify, you can further curb your marketing expenses. It connects your emails with your customers’ Shopify experience and sends notifications for abandoned carts, receipts, order details, and package whereabouts.

  • Do not overwhelm the customer with multiple emails. Send them at regular intervals.
  • Always add value to each of your emails.
  • Tailor them to match your brand voice, color palette, and theme.

6. Return policy

81% of global consumers can switch to another brand if they don’t find your return policy convenient enough! That is how essential return policies are.

Modern marketing is all about giving value to your customer. Offering a short return or exchange procedure is one of the values that can bring new and retain old customers.

Also, don’t forget to boast about how easy it is to return your goods in your emails!

Key takeaways

Effective marketing is key to building a successful business. There are several fruitful ways to upscale your sales without digging a hole in your pocket. 

The most effective free marketing tactics you can use to strengthen your business include:

  • Marketing your business with blogging
  • Using social media channels
  • Offering discounts on products
  • Upselling your products
  • Creating email campaigns
  • Offering a straightforward return policy


Any business owner should be aware that, in this digital era, conventional advertising is not enough, so you should start implementing online marketing techniques to raise brand awareness and upscale sales.  

And for every marketing tactic you choose, Bookmark has a tool to help you. It offers affordable solutions to build an online presence and hunt profitable leads for businesses.

So are you ready to set new limits for your business with Bookmark? We will return next week for an equally helpful blog to keep your sales moving.

Till then, happy selling!

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