5 Free Cyber Security Tips For Startups

When your business is at the initial stage, data protection is a real challenge. We sometimes do not know which information should be protected.

The concept of protection of data may violate the concept of business, or downgrade a business plan. Another disadvantage is that startups also typically lack money, and securing company may be the last thing on your mind when launching it — especially since you probably do not have a designated security specialist on your payroll yet.

Taking all this into account, cyber criminals eager to attack and exploit this data, given that startups usually have weak security safeguards. We give you a few simple and free tips you can use to enhance cyber security.

You need to build your security plan

5 Free Cyber Security Tips For StartupsDeveloping a good security plan is perhaps the most important thing when you startup.

Initially, you need to decide who will have access to a certain data in your company, and thus you are limiting the availability of data.

Then, when using a device, make sure that the passwords for their security are long and strong, and change them at least every 6 months or check what the ideal period would be.

As your business grows, monitor whether your plan is successful or it needs to be changed. Also, it would not be bad to have a “back up” plan in case that your data is vulnerable, in order not to jeopardize the business progress and reputation of the company.

Choose a reputable vendor

Carefully select vendors because the business data can be vulnerable if your vendor is hacked. If you decide to use the cloud to store company data, use someone trustworthy and with good protection.

A simple search on Google related to the company in question can show you reviews, impressions, news about hacking and similar pertinent information.

Insist on employee training

Insist on employee trainingThe second thing you should do when it comes to cyber security imposes the education of employees and providing them with awareness of cyber security.

Education itself is always good and useful, but in this case can be of great benefit, because it represents a simple and effective way to protect your startup.

A large number of cases of exploitation of data can be a simple human error, especially of the employed ones.

For example, they can keep information on the other devices that others can easily exploit or they are using business data when located somewhere else. You can always track information of employees, their passwords and data, as well as the work itself, although this often results as unproductive.

In any case, if you notice any vulnerability, ask the employees to change the passwords and thus restrict access to information.

Security software and VPN are something that you must have

A large number of risks for business is created as a result of viruses, spyware, malware and other “attacks” that are on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device where you can find your data, passwords, or emails.

When we take into account that people think that if they have an antivirus program they are safe, the data security can turn into a nightmare.

Security software and VPN are something that you must haveThe solution for this is security software that can protect your business devices and make sure your operating systems are set to automatically update.

Also, you can talk with employees about spam and the possibility for deleting any questionable emails without clicking on any links.

Another possibility is the use of virtual private network that works quite differently from the security software. It provides you with a connection that preserves the confidentiality of all your data and activities, as well as the impossibility of intrusion and monitoring your business.

You will be the only one that will have the access to data protocol. You can also get a new IP address, which means that it will be more difficult for a hacker to determine your location and thus attacks you.

An additional level of protection for sensitive data

When it comes to data that are highly confidential, but still shared with many people, you need another level of protection. This usually means not only new codes when logging in, but also a unique SMS code that is automatically requested in each login attempt that will be sent to your phone.

Also, this code is valid only once, which means that every time you login you will need a new one. This implies the fact that you need to protect your mobile with some of the existing locking mechanism.

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