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How to Tell if Your Homepage Sucks

A great website is one that people visit again and again. Google uses factors such as bounce rates, exit rates, the amount of incoming traffic, and the amount of time visitors stay on your homepage to determine whether a website ranks well or not, especially for a particular query. Based on those on-page factors, Google’s

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Web Design

The No-Brainer’s Guide to Call to Action

Do you remember the last time you subscribed to a product or service? If you do, do you know the exact moment you did? Most likely, you were persuaded by a call to action (CTA). CTAs are one of the most effective mechanisms businesses use to drive sales. In today’s post, we’ll show you how

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Small Business Marketing Tips

Best Video Hosting Sites: Small Business Marketing

In our last blog post, we suggested creating a video marketing campaign for your business. Video is, undeniably, one of the most engaging forms of storytelling in today’s digital age. Audiences can find it easier to learn, engage and be moved by video in comparison to any other media form. In last week’s post, we