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Yet another website of mine down in the past 30 days!


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On Sep 1, 2020 Debra Ann Byrd wrote:

I am trying very vary hard not to be utterly and completey pissed.


I paid for an annual website package on Jan. 10 2020. Why am I receiving a message that I need to upgrade? And why can't I access my webpage through its URL? Why can't I edit via the bookmark? This is making me completely frustrated.   I have many patrons that are being directed to my site. What is going on? Please correct asap.  

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On Sep 1, 2020 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Debra Ann, thanks for reaching out.

We have gone ahead and resolved the SSL issue with your domain so you should now see it live. We are currently looking into the source of the SLL issue with our Dev team and should have more information when we hear back from them. You should also now be able to edit your site, but if you are having any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us over the live chat so we can investigate further. 

As for the prompt to upgrade, the Professional Yearly plan allows for you to connect one domain included in the cost of the package, and for additional domains you would need to ugprade those at an added cost. We are happy to chat further over the live chat if you have any questions or need additional clarification. 

answered 9 months ago


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