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Why does all he information disappear on the Contact Form if the CAPTCHA is filled out incorrectly?


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On Apr 22, 2020 Rob Levy wrote:

I have the "Contact Module" on a page. If the user enters the CAPTCHA information incorrectly, ALL the form data disappears and they need to put in all the information again!  And... if they mess that up, then again!  We're losing leads because of this. Please help or advise. 

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On Apr 28, 2020 wrote:

I will check with the Product Team to see why this is and if there is a better way our forms should be set-up 

answered 3 years ago

On May 10, 2020 Jack commented:

Would be interesting in an update or clarification on this as well. 


This is probably almost a deal breaker if it works as it currently does. 

i.e blanks out the form if the capta is incorrect. 


Also a success notification disappears too quick. As an end user, it is confusing or not clear.


Thank you.

On May 13, 2020 Jack commented:

Any updates ?


Should I open a separate ticket ?


Thank you. 


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