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Where is the Create A Website Button


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On May 11, 2022 SOMNiO iNTERMEDiA wrote:

We created a Bookmark Accont a while ago and never ended up doing anything with it initially. We've now logged into our Account again after a while. At the top of the Welcome Page, there is a banner that says, "You have site(s) without a paid plan that will be deleted in 57 days. Etc." However, we do not hae any sites created yet.

When attempting to create a site, the Help Section video "How to Create Your Website" shows that you must first click the "Create A Website" button either on the Profile Page or My Websites Page. However, this button does not exist.

Any guidance on why it is not there and how to get it to appear, is appreciated. Thanks.

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On May 11, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Somnio, thanks for reaching out. If you connect with our support team over the live chat or by emailing with more information about your account we can assist you with starting your 14 day free trial to build a site, after which point you will need to upgrade to one of our paid plans. You can read more about our plans here;

answered 1 year ago


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