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On Jun 26, 2023 Julie Holt wrote:

Hey I am lloking for the the code an an unlocking of my domain. You write in your FAQ that I can get it if I write in the chat or an email to However, you do not answer the chat AND the email sends an autoreply to use the same emailadress I already used!

Now I cannot move my domain to another host! Have you already shut down or what?

I paid for a full year in january - at least I would expect you to support the trasnsfer process. This sucks :(

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On Jun 28, 2023 John Lysack wrote:

I am experiencing the same issue. 

My dowmain is issued with tucows. They advised me to file a complaint with the compliance team. The form can be found here: 
Tucows Domains - Compliance Form

Be sure to include the following: 

1. Domain name

2. Notice bookmark has gone out of business 

3. Any other relevent information. 


I also found my authorization code here. 

Upon review, it looks like my website was disabled and the authorization code can be found at that website. 

Hope this helps. 

answered 5 months ago


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On Jun 29, 2023 Alfred wrote:

same issue...

answered 5 months ago


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