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Unable to change site preview image


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On Jan 4, 2022 wrote:

We are unable to change the site preview image of our website. We added a new picture in Site -> General Settings, n the preview option. But the new image gets renamed as preview.jpg. When we share on facebook etc., the site preview still shows the old image. We tried even reducing the size of the image.

We checked the preview in facebook share preview debugger:

We are able to see that the URl points to the new image, but the old image is displayed. The facebook website says that we need to change the name of the URL, if the image was changed, if not the image will not get updated Apparently, because facebook caches images.

But in boomark. I am not able to change the URL or name of the file. When I upload a new file, it renames back to preview.jpg again.

Can you please help?

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On Jan 5, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Kamna, 

We will look into this with our development team, and reach back out to you over the Bookmark live chat with any information we find 

answered 1 year ago


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