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TIP: How to Get Your Blog Recognized as Part of Your Site


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On Aug 9, 2018 justincredible wrote:

Ok so let's say you have a website you are building using Bookmark (nice choice!) and you have a blog which is separate that you would like for search engines to recognize as part of your site.  This is the short process you will need to go through to get it recognized as part of your site.

1) Find your blog RSS feed address.. for example if you have a blog sitting at  then your RSS feed will be something like this:    [[ i run mine through feedburner to create something more memorable ]]

2) Go into your Bookmark dashboard and go to Settings > SEO and then paste the following code into your header section replacing my url with your own blog feed's url and the name of your blog:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="NAME OF YOUR Blog" href="" />

What this does:

Most people update their blogs more often than they do their static website.  If you want Google to crawl your site for new content more frequently you must convince it that you update your content often.  Plugging your blog into the backend will associate the two together and your crawl rate should increase more frequently..... that is, if you update your blog regularly.

Proof:    Check out the static site for SurveyStars Software and you'll see that it is a static site, but search engines recognize it as if it were a blog which is updated frequently because I have used the above method to hard link the SurveyStars blog in..

Hope this helps!


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