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TIP: How to Embed Google Photos into Bookmark Site


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On Mar 22, 2018 justincredible wrote:

Bookmark "My Drive" feature is truly terrific and simple to use.  However, there are those times you may just want to use an image or video you have hosted elsewhere. This is just a quick tip for those who might have their photos backedup to Google + and would like to embed them into your Bookmark website.  Although Google Photos does not give you an option to embed photos, this workaround will help accomplish that.

NOTE: The embed tool only works for single images or single video and not photo albums. If you provide a link to a Google Photos album, the cover image will be used linking to the underlying album.

Step One:  Go to while signed into Google.  Pick a photo then Tap the Share Icon and then click the Get Link button to generate a shareable link of that image.

Step Two: Go to THIS WEB APP, paste that link and it will instantly generate the embed code for your selected picture. Copy the embed code.

Step Three: Go to your Bookmark Site and add a <>Code Module somewhere in your page and then paste the code you just copied.  Save and remember to publish!

YES....this even works for GIF animations you made inside Google Photos

YES....this works for Videos

YES...this works for collages hosted on Google Photos



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On Apr 9, 2018 justincredible wrote:

my pleasure.... loving it!

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