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    On Oct 21, 2017 Datamatical wrote:


    I like one of the themes but I can't seem to add anything to the main page. I also cannot remove the text rectangle. I would like to put content on top of the background but I cannot drag anything onto it. How can I do this?



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    On Oct 21, 2017 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

    Hello Mike, I see you are talking about Elenore Designs.  This threme does not allow you to add images to the front page.  It's meant to be a clean minimal website.  You can change the background iamge, you can add text and buttons to the box, but that is all you can do on this front page.   The rest of the pages you can do anything you wish.  

    This is done to maintain the beauty of the website.

    answered 1 year ago