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Sharing on facebook does not take featured image


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On Nov 17, 2018 Warren Gouin wrote:

Hi.  If I share a link to my blog on facebook, facebook does not take my featured image in the preview it fetches.  In my wordpress site, if I share my URL to my blog, facebook takes the featured image I set.  

Now with bookmark, I set my featured image in the setting for my blog post, and facebook doesn't take it.  It takes the company logo instead.  The logo next to my menu.  Can this be fixed?

For example





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On Nov 19, 2018 wrote:

Hello - thank you for getting in contact with us regarding your situation. I will certainly get to work on testing this and seeing if we can come up with a good solution. 

answered 4 years ago

On Oct 20, 2021 Anthony Richards commented:

this is happening with my site as well, was solution ever found?


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