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Page is not indexed: Page with redirect. - Duplicate somewhere?


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On Jan 21, 2023 Julie Holt wrote:

I am trying as hard as I can to get my newly published site on Google. However, it does not work. I have filled out the SEO information and Meta information, with no luck. Then I was recommended to try Seobility on my site and I get 2 faults called:
2 pages have duplicate page titles
2 pages have duplicate mate description. Looking deeper into this, it seems like my one-page website mysteriously have two sites, one called and one called
Using Googles URL Inspection Tool I also found the same mistake:
URL is not on Google
This page is not indexed. Pages that aren't indexed can't be served on Google.
Page indexing: Page is not indexed: Page with redirect.
How do I solve this? Heeeeeelp

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On Jan 23, 2023 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Julie,

Thank you for reaching out.
The https redirects are normal and safe. For the other issues, please reach out to us on the live chat with more details and screenshots about the pages youare seeing issues with .

Thank you.
Best regards,

answered 7 months ago


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