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My default 'About' page still exists as a URL after deletion


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On Jan 24, 2019 Warren Gouin wrote:

My web page was originally created using the AI site creator.  One of the pages that it created was an 'About' page.  I don't want this page, so I deleted it from the website editor.  It no longer appears in the website editor as a page I can edit.  

If I got to the URL for the page, the page still exists.  Google sees the page and indexes it.  The URL is  I can't edit it etc, but it still exists as a URL.

How can I completely remove this URL? 


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On Jan 24, 2019 wrote:

Thank you for letting us know - I will get this taken care of for you 

answered 2 years ago


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On Feb 10, 2020 Emmannuel Ortega wrote:

Be sure to publish the page when the changes have been made. Usually, the server-side takes about a few hours (with Google removing the index from the deleted page), so it will at least take a while.

answered 1 year ago


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