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Membership query and website name change


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On Mar 22, 2022 Loredato Web Wizards wrote:

We joined several years ago at the beginning through David Cavanagh after a live webinar with the canadian creater of Bookmark. At the time it was my understanding that we purched a special dealn through David for lifetime access to the white label Agency. I have now started to use the product, now having more time since retiring.and am being told i need to upgrade to get agency and white label, or to redirect external DNS. Could you please check our login is appropriately classified for the original purchase offering. Thankyou

P.S. are you able to rename one of my websites as it is missing a letter due to the fact that the name had a french letter accent. i have tried to change but says i have to upgrade. name should be changed to   


David & Zoe

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On Mar 23, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi David and Zoe, please connect with the Bookmark support team over the live chat so we can assist you with this, or email with some more information about your account and the deal so we can invetigate further. 

answered 1 year ago


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