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Media asset stays the same albeit updating firsthand, seems to be relied on a rename time-out


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On Mar 8, 2020 Emmannuel Ortega wrote:

I have discovered a problem/glitch where the updated media doesn't show up, despite the file name being the same as the previous.

For instance, this picture here:

The Circle of Connections, a Tribute to 白石ねおん

It doesn't actually show up the changed statement, which is "Licensed by TOP Music / The Ortega Project", but instead, shows the previous iteration which has "to" instead of "by", despite the fact that the previous iteration before this image was uploaded to one of my websites.

I believe it follows the filename time-out, where if you upload a media, you may wait for 24 hours before that filename associated with that media can be overwritten with an updated version with the same filename, or else the previous media will be shown.

So far, the solution would be manually changing the filename of the updated media first-hand before uploading back to the site. Works though, however, I may have to suggest a fix to this problem.



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