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Issue using Zapier to send Contact Form Submissions to another email address


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On Mar 1, 2022 Oliver Schaudt wrote:

I've read the help-article for this,

and I've tried several methods of having an email sent. 

The 'Zap' I've setup is simply
1. Connect to account, and Contact Form A
2. Trigger: On "Contact Form A" Submission
3. Have Zapier send an email with
- A predefined subject. Sender Name. Reply-to.
- With an email body containing the variables from Contact Form A: Subject, Name, Email, Message

In configuration the testing of the Zap everything seems to work. I receive the test email and it has placeholder variables. 

However nothing comes through when I send a message from the contact form. Zapier doesn't show any activity on the zap. 

I've tried this multiple ways:
- Changing the send to and from email address in Zapier. 
- Trying different account versions (zap offers " 1.0.0" and " 1.10.0" -- both say "newer version available" (on Zapier's website) but don't seem to be an option. 
- Trying different Contact Form options in the Zap (I have forms "1 B" and "2 A" as options. 


I've confirmed that I can see my test messages submitted on my site's contact page are listed in the form submissions on, but nothing comes through to e-mail.


Am I missing something? 

I suspect this is a question often asked (despite not returning results when I searched here). 

My thoughts for alternatives are:
- Remove the Contact form module and replace it with custom-code. I tested and my companies' helpdesk generates such a contact form, that seems to function exactly as expected. 
- Create a virtual machine and task it with grabbing the contact form data and exporting it to email myself. I was playing with Microsoft's "Power Automate" and this seems inheriently do-able; but I think I'd need to dedicate a computer to it so Power Automate could click around , export the CSV / Excel sheet , parse it into an email and send it. 


Also, the tag options on this form are interesting, "Amsterdam" "Tranquility" "American Jazz" are options but "Zapier", "e-mail", are not


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On Mar 1, 2022 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

Hi Oliver - please connect with our support team with your account details over the Bookmark livechat and we can troubleshoot this connection with you. 

answered 5 months ago


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