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    On Jul 26, 2017 meir wrote:

    Hi Bookmark team, 

    I was wondering if it would be possible to import a website I created. I really like your admin panel, but being forced to make a site that adheres to your available block and customization options is making my life a little difficult. Thanks for the answer!

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    On Jul 26, 2017 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

    Hello Meir, 

    Unfortunately we don't have a feature to import websites already created. 

    I saw your other question will answer that shortly.  We do have custom CSS and Javascript ability

    so hopefully you can do what you need to do by creating your website with Bookmark Builder.

    answered 1 year ago

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    On Jul 28, 2017 justincredible wrote:

    Hi Meir, 

    Although they do not currently have an import function I am happy to help you get the content from the site you built into your bookmark site if you like, as I have migrated close to 10 other sites built elsewhere to bookmark.   Send me an email to justin.farrow@gmail.com and we can chat about it..shouldn't be too difficult.  Happy to help!


    answered 1 year ago