• I used the wrong domain name. I need to change it

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    On Feb 18, 2016 Daniel Pacitti wrote:


    I signed up with http://wordpressincomemaximizer.com and this is the wrong domain.


    I need to change the domain. I would like to use:


    Additional Transaction Details

    Order Ref #           dannybigwolf-
    Approval #           1HL98610SH328525A 


    Is this doable? Do I need to cancel and start over?

    Please let me know. I am ready to go!

    Thank You,

    Daniel Pacitti


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    On Mar 4, 2016 Bookmark Product Development Team wrote:

    Hi Danny:

    It looks like you purchased your domain from NameCheap, so you would have to contact them about any issues with that domain.

    When you're ready to connect the domain to your website at Bookmark, go to Settings > Domain in the website builder (in the left sidebar of your website, choose Settings, and then choose Domain). You can change the domain that your website is using on that page by clicking the Change Domain button. Don't forget if you are connecting a domain from an external registrar, that you will have to point that domain to Bookmark's IP address. This user guide can help you with that process:


    Hope this helps. If you have any follow-up questions, let me know

    -Jennifer from Bookmark


    answered 1 year ago