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I can't get my event onto my website?


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On Apr 25, 2016 Indy500 wrote:

I’m trying to add an event to my webpage. I used Add Event in the settings to put in all the information, but how do I get the event details to go onto my web page?

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On Apr 29, 2016 wrote:

I can help you with this.

First you need an event module, or Event Focus on your webpage. You can drag and drop the Event module onto your page from the Modules menu.

Once you've got the empty event module placed on your page, you want to click on it. You are cliking on the event on your web page - not in the sidebar menu, but on your actual page. This will open the edit options bar.

In the edit options bar, click the icon on the left, called “Choose Event”. Then pick your event from the drop-down menu.  This will add the event details onto your web page.

If you want to see how it’s done with pictures, check out the step-by-step user guide:

answered 7 years ago


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