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how to build a page with a lot of sub page insides


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On Aug 29, 2018 Ngọc Phạm wrote:

dear Mike and David,


could you pls advise me how to build a page like this:

Right now, I have to create a new page for every product I want to introduce, then drag it into the main page. I really wonder is it the right way to do.

Just want to make a super market like this wwebsite and easy to move to each page number.

pls tell me if I understand wrong. Because if do by my way, I would have a thousand page and sub page and it scrare me in how to control them.


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On Mar 3, 2019 Raja Hafiz wrote:

Why is this question about Sub-Pages, not answered by Bookmark?

Sub-page is important, I wonder why Bookmark never entertain this question !

answered 4 years ago


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