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How does Bookmark handles SEO?


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On Nov 25, 2015 Bookmark.Admin wrote:

Does bookmark have any advanced seo options?

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On Nov 25, 2015 wrote:

Hi, this is Jennifer from Bookmark. Bookmark does offer advanced SEO settings. We have some user guides that will explain what the options are and walk you through the process of setting up SEO on your site. Here are the links to those guides, or you can look around in the Help Center to see all the user guides we provide. 

What SEO information can I add to my site? - lists the type of SEO options

How to add SEO information to your website - walks through setting it up

Those two guides above are for site-wide SEO. If you want to do advanced SEO on individual pages of your website, check out this guide.

Let me know if you have any questions that are not answered in the help guides. 

Thanks for choosing Bookmark! 

answered 6 years ago


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On Jun 2, 2017 justincredible wrote:

Much of your SEO can be improved with testing and optimizing your page structures as well as adding optimized metatags and descriptions in the HEAD section inside back end of pages.  To find these areas go to the EDIT PAGES section and click the pencil icon beside any of your pages.  Then scroll down and find the Advanced Settings for the page.   Add your metadata in the HEAD section and any scripts to the footer section.   A nice tool for generating metatags can be found here.


hope this helps!

answered 5 years ago


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